Question: very serious problem after upgrading to 2019.2. Restart kills kernel

After upgrading to 2019.2 (on windows 10, 64 bit) using the pull down menu option I noticed the following problem.

I create a new worksheet and run it. Here is an example


for i from 1 to 10 do

(the restart is on seperate cell).

It runs OK first time. I close Maple. Restart Maple again, open the same worksheet. Now once I evaluate the restart; command, the kernel crashes. This happens each time.

Any suggestions what to do?  Only fix I found is to copy the content of the worksheet and create a new worksheet, then it runs. But then the new worksheet fails again when I close Maple and restart again. So this is not a solution.

I also noticed it crashes ONLY when running the restart; command/cell. Other commands work OK. So something to do with initialization. I have not changed anything at all on my end after upgrading to 2019.2 from 2019.1.

Evaluating the next cell first thing when opening the worksheet, then it runs OK and no crash.

This only started to happen after updating to Maple 2019.2. No problem with 2019.1. Clearly this version was not well tested.  How could one revert back to 2019.1 ??


To answer comment below. It also happens in document mode:


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