Question: Exporting the 3D Maple graphics to the tex in high resolution (.eps etc)

I want to export the Maple graphics to LATEX in high resolution. 

I can export the 2D Maple graphics to LATEX by clicking the right button of the mouse and exporting the graphics as .eps (Encapsulated PostScript). No problem.


But in 3D Maple graphics, after adding the graphics to the latex and compiling it, I live some problems. For example, when I open the pdf file of the latex file, adobe reader stops working or I can' t zoom in the 3d graphics if it is opened. (I think this may be due to the style of the graphics)

I have three 3d graphics in my maple ( includes graphic of exact solution, both exact and numerical solution in one figure and also error graphics)

Can you help me add these graphics to latex in high resolution and understandable style? (Because the comparison of the exact and numerical solution in one figure is important. Which style do you prefer?)

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