Question: Logaritmic curve to determine Eigenvalues

Hello friends

I am a PhD student at the University of Miskolc (Hungary). I am writing to asking for help.

considering that my matrix is correct (based on Article 1) and I have all the values needed:

-  From Article 2, How can I plot the graph of Figure 2 and Figure 3 in a logarithmic scale (X-axis) and linear scale (Y-axis). Also, how can I plot the mode shapes of Figure 7 and Figure 8?

I tried to do it (below) but I am not sure it is correct.

Article 1 - Doyle, Paul F., and Milija N. Pavlovic. "Vibration of beams on partial elastic foundations." Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 10, no. 5 (1982): 663-674.

Article 2 - Cazzani, Antonio. "On the dynamics of a beam partially supported by an elastic foundation: an exact solution-set." International Journal of structural stability and dynamics 13, no. 08 (2013): 1350045.

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