Question: How to "remove output from worksheet" while it is running?

One of the known issues with Maple GUI (written in Java) is that it is slow.

When I run a long script, which prints few lines to the screen for each step (to help tell where it is during a long run), and if there are 20,000 steps to run which takes 2 days to finish), then the worksheet and I think all of Maple seem to slow down. May be due to GUI trying to flush output to worksheet which now has lots of output. 

I noticed when I terminate the loop in the middle and then clear the worksheet from the output and start it again from where it stopped, then it runs/scrolls much faster initially untill the worksheet starts to fill up. 

The problem is that one can no longer do Evaluate->Remove output from worksheet as worksheet is busy. This option becomes grayed out.

Is there a trick to bypass this limitation? It will be really nice to be able to clear output from worksheet while it is running.  I do not understand why a user can not do this now even if worksheet is running. In Mathematica for example, this is possible to clear the output while notebook is busy running. Not in Maple.

ps. I want to try to change my program to print output to external file instead to the worksheet and then can monitor the output progress using that file outside of Maple to see if this helps with performance.

This is until Maplesoft adds support to allow one to clear worksheet while it is busy.

Using Maple 2020.1 on windows. Using worksheet mode, not document mode.

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