Question: Please advice to solve Electron Equation on 1 S Orbital using a new PDE equation

I want to calculate the effective value of Time Quanta in seconds of electron on 1 S Orbital using a new PDE equation.

 See ElectronFlux.docx and ElectronFlux.pdf for details.

I have 2 variants in but did not reach the final value in seconds.

The document is constantly changing and uses an equation that, for a distance of a few radii Bohr rB is equivalent to the Schrodinger equation. We particularized for the 1 S Orbital of Hydrogen atom thus the velocity o the electron is c/137; (V=a*c=c/137);

eq1 := 2*m*(E + ec^2/r)*f(r, t)/h^2 + R*diff(f(r, t), r $ 2)/r - diff(f(r, t), t $ 2)/(a^2*c^2) = 0 with condition:iv1 := f(R, t) = 0, D[1](f)(0, t) = R, f(rb, t) = 0, D[2](g)(rb, t) = a*c;

I am gladly willing to talk with other people about the idea and the calculus to fulfill the effective value that in my opinion should be Tce = rB/C = 1.765*10-19 sec.

Thanks in advance!



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