Question: why Maple worksheet stops responding after server.exe crash?

Is there a reason, why one can't issue restart command (or any command) after local server losses connection and crashes? 

Each time this happens, I have to close the worksheet and reopen it again for the worksheet to respond again.

But I would have expected the worksheet to see the server it was communicating with has crashed and to restart new one when new command is issued. Very easy to reproduce.  I start a new worksheet  and type in it


#in new cell, type
convert(integrand,parfrac); #also using convert(integrand,parfrac,x); #same result

Now server.exe crashes.

Now I close the above pop-up windows by clicking on the X.

Now I go back to the first cell where the restart command at. Click ENTER on it to evaluate it and nothing happens. Worksheet is frozen.

Actually no command evaluate any more. The whole worksheet do not respond anymore.

Only way is to close the worksheet and open it again. 

My question is: Is this by design?   

Why exactly does the worksheet stop responding unless one closes it and reopen it? 

It seems the front end does not know the server it was connected with has crashed and it sitting there waiting for the server to reply and that is why it hangs. But then how come it generated the pop-up window saying it lost connection?

So it must know. But if it knows the server it was connected to has crashed then why does it not automatically start new one when a new command is issued without one having to close and reopen the document each time?  Is starting a new server can only be made when a worksheet is first opened? But why?

I have it setup that each worksheets uses it own engine. i.e. under options-general I have  "create a  new engine for each document" which is a very useful option. This way when one worksheet hangs or server crashes (which for me happens 10-20 times each and every day), then no other worksheets are affected.


Windows 10.

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