Question: Large test expression. Why Maple timelimit hangs on it?

This worksheet below has a very large test expression I use with Maple. It is just for testing.

Maple 2024.1 on windows 10. 128 GB RAM. Fast PC.

Someone in another question asked me to post this test worksheet for them to try also.

My question is: Why Maple expand hangs on it, even though I have timelimit?

I am not printing this at all. This is actually is run in .mpl file, but I am posting worksheet version here.

I am not asking about the printing of the expression. But about the timelimit hanging. This is the big problem for me. If timelimit hangs, my program hangs and no workaround.

Here is the worksheet below. The expression is 373,000 leave size, which is huge. Still, Maple should not hang and more important, timelimit should not hang as it was supposed to have been fixed in the year 2021.

Make sure to save all your work before running this.

Since expression is very large, I will only post link and not display the content here as well.


At the bottom of the worksheet, there is one command that does print(e); which will hang Maple. so make sure to save your work if you want to run this command.

There is also second command after that, which is my question is about., It does

   print("Timed out OK");
end try:

And this hangs.

My question is why and is there a workaround? I know it is large expression, but there is a timeout there. Maple should have timedout. Right?


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