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I am trying to export a worksheet from Maple11 to LaTeX using the "export as" function. It produces a .tex-file that uses the "maplestd2e"-package. When I compile the document I see the output of the computations and all figures, but I don't see the maple-commands that I have entered to obtain the output. It works fine if I use Classic Worksheet mode, which uses the "maple2e"-package. Any suggestions on how I can export the Maple input commands to LaTeX using the standard Maple11? Thank you. mami
Hi, I've been using maple10 worksheets under os x, setting the default zoom to 75%. This is fine. However, I've recently migrated to a linux system. Now, if I display a matrix under maple10 (or maple11) with 75% zoom, all of the spaces around the entries of the matrix are lost! This makes for unreadable 2d output. This is also true under 50% zoom (which is already unreadable) and if I change the default zoom in my .maple10rc file to _anything_ less than 100%, the same loss of spacing results. Does anyone else find this to be a problem. Sure, I can work with 100% zoom, but if there's a s
To Maplet Experts: I am about to complete my maplet application developed in my desktop with screen resolution of 1440 by 900 pixels. My window layout has the following dimensions: width=850 and height=675. I am pleased with the layout of my application when shown in my desktop. I move my code to my laptop with screen resolutions of 1200 by 800 pixels. The layout of my application in my laptop is distorted and ugly even though I adjust the window layout using proportions. Is there a trick or rule of thumb I can follow when transfering an application from desktop to laptop. Thanks in advance
Questions authored in LaTeX and converted using the facility on this site do not display properly. 'Broken MathML tag' appears where the matrix should be. The same questions converted with the old Brownstone converter are fine! Is this a problem others have had?
Hello Dears, Although I have been worked on Maple TA in LAN's
Hi folks! Does anybody know if Matlab and Maple and Mathematica works well and stable on Vista? How about speed on Vista? Thanks!
Hi, I am Er. Vishal Jain new to maple prime. I need help in developing dynamic 2D-graphs(pi-chart, conic section etc.) in .mw and respectively shade the graph.
I'm using Maple 9.5 (xmaple linux version). I can run application with no errors, but when I try to calculate anything, maple doesn't generate any output or results. Even the simplest examples doesn't work (like 2+2;) What may causes problems? Please help me!!
Documentation on how to reference or assign values to elements in Table is limited. I uploaded a copy of a simple code (690_MTable) which tries to assign values to the elements the table. Code does not give and error message but does not do what I wanted to do. Please replace this text with the link to your file. The link can be found in the View 690_MTable.mw on MapleNet or Download 690_MTable.mw
I recently purchased a Maple e-book, and I noticed a few lovely features of which I would like to take advantage. The first is the ability to create a compressed worksheet. There seems to be a painfully simple mechanism behind compressing and uncompressing the worksheet, since when the worksheet is opened with a text editor, the first characters are (if I recall correctly) "<compressedworksheet". I cannot find any documentation inside of Maple detailing the compression and uncompression of files. Thus, I ask you, Maplesoft: How can I compress my worksheet files in this manner? The second feature of which I would like to take advantage is the use of a license file. Looking at the XML code of the compressed worksheet, it seems that one only needs to make reference to the location of a license file in order for Maple to look for the license file. The license file itself is very short--only about 4 lines--which makes me assume that the license file checking mechanism is similarly simple. Again, Maplesoft: How can I make and use my own .dat "license" files?
I am trying to plot the equations shown in Figures 5 and 6, which are solutions to Equations (14), (15), and (16). These equations are developed in the Lo paper (attached). I am working through the symbolic solution by hand and would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to set these equations and the graphs of the same in a worksheet. Thank you for the assistance anyone may offer. Wayne Bell Download 4865_Lo_p691.pdf
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What is the fastest code for integer dot product in Maple ? I am currently using the inner command, however there seems to be a lot of overhead. It is easily slaughtered by GMP. I was wondering if there is a dedicated external routine or something else that I can call ? I want to avoid linking in a C library just for this. On a related note, I think Maplesoft should develop a companion to the LinearAlgebra:-Modular package that supports fast operations with dense integer matrices in compiled code. I know the LinBox library supports this, maybe it could be linked in ? I actually don't
I am having a lot of trouble converting my LaTeX files to .qu with a wide variety of problems. The first one is a successful conversion but instead of an [OK] I get the message "Error Handling". LaTeX3.qu: Error handling In being fed up with the converter, I added questions and converted them one at a time. The problem is with this particular question, text below: Download 5024_LaTeX3.tex
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How do I parse the response string with Maple TA? I can make my code work just fine in Maple but that is assuming what type of string $response is. If someone has dealt with this before, I would appreciate some ideas. I am asking for three parametric equations and need to seperate them and use all three for determining validity of the answer.
Sooner or later, you'll like see the following "tip" in with the tips that load when you start Maple, but in case you've overlooked it you should really give this one a try. Just type in: ?examples/index
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