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Although everyone one might know, but still I want to clarify the concept of Sensitivity analysis. Suppose we have an objective function Z in which we have two variables X & Y and two parameters a and b. So in sensitivity analysis, we systematically change the values of parameters ( for eg. changing value of "a" by 20%, then 40%, then 60%, similiarly for parameter "b"). At a time, we only change the value of one parameter and the values of other parameters remain fixed to their original value. Then we would again solve the model ( ie. objective function Z) and calculate the new values of objective function and variables.  Then we try to see the impact of parameter change on the value of objective function Z and on variables X & Y.

The formula for sensitivity analysis for parameter a is  for objective function Z =

 (new values of objective function  - old value of objective function)*100 / (old value of objective function)

Here new value of objective function Z denotes when we use changed value of paramter a (keeping other parameter values fixed to their original value) and old value of objective function denotes value of Z with all parameters (including parameter a) at their original value

Although I can do it by a for loop but it is not an efficient procedure and also time consuming. Can anybody suggest whether any package suitable for sensitivity analysis is available in maple.

Thanks for your attentive reading of problem.

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Is there any command or package in Maple that computes blow ups? I didn't find blow up in the help.

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how would you interpret the solutions to this:

>int(sin(y/2)^2/(x*(x-y)*y^2), x=omega__ir*t..omega__c*t) assuming t::positive, omega__ir::positive, omega__c::positive, omega__c>omega__ir;

which leads to the expression shown in the screen shot. In particular, I'm interested in the condition for the solution to be "undefined"



I want to calculate the Jacobian of my function in terms of x,y,z. It is a Gerstner function and I need to caculate the normal of the displaced point. This can be achieved by getting the Jacobian Matrix. However when using Maple it isn't caculating it. The way I'm calling it is below. I have a vector function for tx,ty,tz:


Jacobian([tx, ty, tz], [x, y]);


I'm not well versed in Maple I was wondering if anyone can help me out on how to get the Jacobian Matrix for tx,ty,tz

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Maplesoft no longer sells hardcopy of the visible Maple source code with comments.This is from an old Maple manual I have: