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I wish to compare five letter words in a list of 5 letter words with a string like "*e*d*".  The asterisks represent unknown letters; the e and d, known letters.  I wish to compare this string with each word in the list and discard any words which do not match.  I would end up with a list of matching words eg ["fends", "sends", . . .]   Is there a string function to compare partial matches?  I've looked at the compare and match commands,  but they don't seem applicable.

   Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Regards, David 

Mathematica 10.3.0 was announced yesterday. This is the 6th release of Mathematica 10 during 16 months. I wonder its  MathematicaFunctionData and   FindFormula . At first sight, the former is an analog of FunctionAdvisor of Maple, but the latter isn't any analog. Also compare the outputs of




>`assuming`([residue(binomial(n, k), n = -j)], [integer, j > 0]);

                residue(binomial(n, k), n = -j)
Let us wait for Maple 2016.


Hello all ,

Having read a recent post about comparing Maple and Mathematica I'd like to throw my 2 cents (FWIW).

It is *silly* (not to say stupid) to compare these two softwares.

Maple can do "things" that Mathematica can't. For examples Differential Geometry, Lie Algrebra, covariant derivative and the like.

And Mathematica Manipulate command is far better than Maple Explore (just another exemple).

I have being using Maple since Release V.2 (1992) and Mathematica since Release 1.1.a (1991).

I use both of them on a daily basis and I *LOVE* them both.

Inputs are welcome :-)

Kind regards to all,



I am trying to compare two matrices in a while loop. Here is part of my maple code with the comparison of Matrix B and Matrix E

Hi, I am solving an integration. When I use "subs" command to define the value of cl and ct, the result is inconsistant with the one when I define the cl and ct directly by using "cl:= and ct:=". (Why u1test is not equal to u2test in "Comparison #1"?) Please help

Dear Maple Specialists,

I deal with a major MAPLE problem the last months of my PhD.

My programm contains a do loop which calculates for given PsiS (purple color) and for a range of Psi1 and Psi2 (blue color) from PsiS to 0, values for the products Qsu1, Qsu2, Qtot .
The aim to calculate w(RLZ) which is obtained when the blue color loop is completed and Psi2 takes the final value 0.

Hi I teach in a high school. Basically I have found that if I ask a question like: Factorize fully (x4-y4), and use a MathContainer for both the question and the answer (to be filled by students), I can't find a way to see whether the students have fully factorized the expression. Suppose (x4-y4) is in MathContainer1 and MathContainer2 is to be filled in by students. Using the code:

if GetProperty('MathContainer1','expression'...

Hi im new to maple and i need help. I have 2 Matrix, and want to calculate the  angles. I tried very different functions, but i dont get forward.

Did anyone can help me by my problem.

For example:

MAtrix A: 0,999     |    0,012  |-0,002

             -0,012    |   0,975   |-0,218


As I did not upgrade to Maple 14 when it came out, I am interested to know the differences between v15 and v13. Obviously, it is easy to get a comparison between v15 and v14, as all I need to do is study the promotional advertising. But is there a way of getting a comparison list between v15 and v13 ?



A few weeks ago I mentioned the ncrunch comparison of "mathematical programs for data analysis" in a comment in another thread.  There is now a new, 5th release of that review. The systems reviewed are:

  • Maple
  • Mathematica
  • Matlab
  • O-Matrix
  • Ox
  • SciLab

The review is skewed towards statistical computation and data manipulation, but it includes several interesting comparisons of the major computer algebra systems (CAS).

There is a comparative performance section, and the worksheets used for that benchmarking are available for download. Here is the Maple worksheet, which was used with Maple 11.

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