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I have the following function which came from a collaborator of a collaborator. It computes a generating function for a family of function's we're using.

GF_Generate := proc (n) 
	local summand, i, j;
	summand := U[0]^x[0]*mul(U[i]^y[i], i = 1 .. n)*mul(binomial(x[0]+add(w[j], j = 1 .. i), y[i])*p^y[i]*(1-p)^(x[0]+add(w[j], j = 1 .. i)-y[i])*binomial(x[0]-1+add(w[j], j = 1 .. i), x[0]-1+add(w[j], j = 1 .. i-1))*v[i]^(x[0]+add(w[j], j = 1 .. i-1))*(1-v[i])^w[i], i = 1 .. n);

	for j from n by -1 to 1 do summand := normal(sum(summand, y[j] = 0 .. infinity)) end do;
	for j from n by -1 to 1 do summand := normal(sum(summand, w[j] = 0 .. infinity)) end do;
	sum(summand, x[0] = 0 .. infinity) 
end proc;

For arguments of 2 and 3 it's quick and works fine on Maple18 (tested both GUI and terminal client on OS X), Maple2015 (tested terminal client only on RHEL linux), but generates a "too many levlels of recursion" error in Maple2016 (tested terminal client only on RHEL linux; same server as Maple2015 was tested). It's slow for arguments of 4 and above (45 minutes for n=4 on my mac laptop), so I haven't tested it thoroughly with larger arguments.

Any idea why this code fails in Maple 2016?


I've posted  a code for a procedure, but it seems it does not execute with other versions of Maple the way it does with my version (5.4). Here is the link. I am curious to identify within the procedure code the cause of this divergence. Note: in 5.4 the code is preceded with readlib(eliminate).

Hello every one.

I want to do some tensor computations in maple in a specified coordinate system but I don't know how! As an example I ask the follwing question.

Consider a second order symmetric tensor "A". I want to compute the components of "curl(curl(A))" in cylinderical coordinates. How should I do this in maple?

This is related to a famous equation in elasticity known as "small strain compatibility" equation.

Thanks for the help

I would be grateful if anyone would comment on the compatibility of Maple 18 and MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite).


Recently, I published the following paper.

"Calibration of a radiocarbon age", Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 19: 345–350 (2012).

The paper explains that all radiocarbon dates are inaccurate, due to an error in the handling of the statistics.

The paper has a Supplement, which includes a program to do the statistics correctly:

Maplesoft uses deprecated power pc compatibility not supportred by mac osx lion. lmutil crashes and forces me to quit the application.Unable to get host ID

Hello all,

I've noticed that something has changed to the type of sqrt in Maple 15, which breaks backward compatibility...

In Maple 14, we have

> type(sqrt,procedure);          true
> type(sqrt,`module`); false
> eval(sqrt);          proc(x::algebraic, f::identical(symbolic))  ...  end proc

while in Maple 15, we have

> type(sqrt,procedure);          false
> type(sqrt,`module`); true
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