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how to find the contour of time series data? and how to find curvature function of this contour?

I found from this forum that to plot a 2D array of points use can be made of the Maple procedure surfdata.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to plot contours in (preferrably) Maple 16 or Maple 17?

I tried the following

Output := Array(-10 .. 10, -10 .. 10, proc (i, j) options operator, arrow; i^2+j^2 end proc):
F := proc (x, y) -> x^2+y^2 end proc:
surfdata(Output, color = F, dimension = 2);

but "the option dimension = 2" is a Maple 18 addition.

Ideally, I would like also to be able to plot contours with options found in the procedure

The following are the equation and plot3d of the minimal surface named Catalan:

Catalan := [alpha-sin(alpha)*cosh(beta), 1-cos(alpha)*cosh(beta), 4*sin((1/2)*alpha)*sinh((1/2)*beta)]
plot3d(Catalan, alpha = 0 .. 2*Pi, beta = -3 .. 3, scaling = constrained, title = "Catalan's surface", titlefont = [Courier, bold, 14])

I would like to color and thicken the edge of this surface to emphasize what I presume is the wire which frames the soap film which forms the surface.

Contourplot3d only shows contours at constant values of the z coordinate, however the plot3d display with style option "surface with line" clearly shows the surface's edge contour, among others.

Given the surface equation, is there any way to display the surface edge programmatically e.g. as a spacecurve? 


Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to plot the effective potential for Sun-Jupiter system, to show the lagrangian points in this system. I've converted to a system of units where G=1, m_sun+m_jupiter=1 and R=1, whereby I get the following equation describing the effective potential of a third mass m in the system:

U(x,y)=-1 * 0.999047/abs(sqrt((x-(-0.000953))^2 +y^2 ))-1 * 0.000953/abs(sqrt((x-0.999047)^2 +y^2 ))

However, when I plot this in Maple, I don't get a contour plot that matches up with what I would [expect](, but [this]( Is there possibly anyone here who could point out a mistake I've done, or give me some advice? Thanks in advance!

I would like to plot a 2D contour plot in the botton of a 3D plot of a spacial curve. I don't know how to do that in maple, but I found something similar done in Matlab for a 2Dcontour plot in the botton of a 3D surface.

Can someone help me?



I want to plot this contour 4x^2+9y^2=160  onto the same f(x,y)=4x^2+9y^2.  The error I keep getting is

Error, (in plot3d) first argument must be either in standard or parametric form



 I solved  the laplace equation(pde) in spherical cordinates(in my problem tempreture is steady and azimuthal(theta) asymmetry,so my data is a simple function of "phi".)

but I'm really confused,how to make a contour plot of this data on the surface of the sphere where only each point of (phi)axis has a corresponding data value> "simplify(u(1,phi))"?? [the code with the data "u" is attached]

plzz help me soon and abit simple for a newbie,tnX alot. 



As stated, contourplot3d is not displaying contours. Even in the Maple Help examples the contours are not displayed in the help screen.

In this example:

contourplot3d(-5*x/(x^2+y^2+1), x = -3 .. 3, y = -3 .. 3, filledregions = true);

which is directly from Maple Help, the surface is plotted (with boxed axes), but no contours appear.

When I try

contourplot3d(-5*x/(x^2+y^2+1), x = -3 .. 3, y = -3 .. 3);

the plot shows nothing except boxed axes.

I've also tried

plot3d(-5*x/(x^2+y^2+1), x = -3 .. 3, y = -3 .. 3, contours=6);

and the surface shows but without countours. Furthermore, the Maple scripts that worked previously in earlier versions (showing contours via plot3d) now do not show contours in Maple 18. This occurs on both Win 7 and Win 8 laptops.



I have 3 column vectors:

phi contains the number of radians from the North Pole

theta contains the number of radians from the Greenwich meridian

D contains number data corresponding to the point (phi,theta) on the sphere.


How do I plot:

a) a contour plot on the surface of the sphere where each point at (phi, theta) has a corresponding data value D?

b) a plot where the height above the surface at (phi, theta) is some linear function of D such as radius*D*constant?

Dear friends,

I am reporting with a brief comment concerning the integral int(1/(1+x^a), x=0..infinity) with a>=2 a real number. This was evaluated here.

Now Maple 15 (X86 64 LINUX) will quite happily compute this in its most simple form involving the sine when a is not a positive integer or a rational number. If it is, however, a beta function term results,...

I'm trying to graph a contour map of this function: e^(y/x)




I thought the contour map for this function would looks more like several lines intersects at the origin. But when I graph it on Maple, it doesn't looks like the graph I'm looking for.


Did I put in a wrong range?


Hi there i have function as:


where: F,B>0 and 


such that: 


I need to plot the surface (contour plot) f(B,F) at 0 and -ve points i.e f(B,F)<0.


Dear friends,

I will present a series of commands for you to ponder that should speak for themselves.

> q := n -> int(1/(1-2^n*exp(I*theta*n))^2*2*I*exp(I*theta), theta=0..2*Pi);
                            2 Pi
                          |          2 I exp(theta I)
               q := n ->  |      ------------------------ dtheta
                          |            n                2
                         /       (1 - 2  exp(theta n I...

Hello all,

I recently helped someone with a contour integration problem, you may find my calculation at the following link. It occurred to me to test this integral with Maple and Mathematica.

For example,

int(1/x^(1/3)/(x^2+2*x*cos(Pi/7)+1), x=0..infinity);

produces an unusable output from Mathematica. Maple is a little better,...

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