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     I would like to plot a potential on a sphere, with colours and equipotential lines too. I can easily get the colours with this

f:=(psi-Pi/2)^2 + (theta-.5)^2;
plot3d( 1,psi=0....2*Pi,theta=0..Pi,coords=spherical,scaling=constrained, style=patchnogrid, color =f ,lightmodel=none,contours = 60,numpoints=6000);

but cant get the contours to be the level sets of f.  I tried 2dcontour, contourplot3d, etc, but in spherical cordinates...


i got a problem. I got a list "L" of 3d points [[x1,y1,z1],[x2,y2,z2],..[xi,yi,zi]](in maple), i can easily plot the with pointplot3d(L, axis=normal) but i would need to have them plotted in a contourplot (not the 3D one but the 2d) with contourlines at every full number (1,2,3..highest z value) (well i wont get higher z values then 20)

could you plz tell me how to do that ?


thanks michael

I'm trying to graph a contour map of this function: e^(y/x)




I thought the contour map for this function would looks more like several lines intersects at the origin. But when I graph it on Maple, it doesn't looks like the graph I'm looking for.


Did I put in a wrong range?


 I want to evaluate the values of x and y and the data should bo saved in .xls format  from contour plot 

for g=0.1 the data x and y values  should be stored in xls sheet 1  atleast 50 values 

similarly  in separate xls sheet 

for g=0.0 the data x and y values  should be stored in xls sheet 1  atleast 50 values 





Is it possible the contour plot of these coupled equations

restart:with(plots): Nb := .2; Nt := .2; h1 := 1+a*sin(x);h2:= -b-d*sin(x); a := 1;b:=0.1;d:=0.1;F:=1-Q-d;Q:=-1;beta:=0.1;alpha:=0.1;G:=0.5;B:=0.5; eq1 := diff(alpha*f(y),y,y,y,y)+G*(diff(theta(y),y,y))+ B*(diff(phi(y),y,y))+6* beta*(diff(f(y),y,y))*(diff(f(y),y,y,y))^(2)+3* beta*(diff(f(y),y,y,y,y))*(diff(f(y),y,y))^(2)=0; eq2 := diff(theta(y), y, y)+Nb*(diff(theta(y), y))*(diff(phi(y...

Is it possible to have a contour plot of an ode, 



with  such type of bcs?

bc1:= f(1+sin(x)) = .95, f(-.1-.1*sin(x)) = -.95, (D(f))(1+sin(x)) = -1, (D(f))(-.1-.1*sin(x)) = -1;

contourplot({de1,bc1}, [x,y, f(y)],x=1..10, y=1..10);


I inputted the folllowing into Maple.

However it is giving me this error:
Error, (in plot/iplot2d/expression) bad range arguments x = -1/2 .. 1/2, numpoints = 3600
I don't understnad why.
My lecturer has completed this graph and I literally just copied what she had written on our worksheet in order to acheive the same...



I am trying to plot a 3D contour plot of a list of points in a csv file. I was able to successfully import the csv file to Maple, but when I try to do anything with the file, I get error messages. I don't really know how to do this, so if anyone could help me asap that would be great!

Hi, I have not found a post that explains how to create a colorbar for a contour plot with or without filled regions.  At the moment, I manage to create a color bar manually as follows.

First, I plot some function like so,

plots[contourplot](i/(1-(1+i)^(-n)), n = 15 .. 30, i = 0.1e-1 .. .15, axes = frame, contours = [seq(0.1e-1*n, n = 5 .. 16)], filledregions = true, axis[1] = [location = low, gridlines = [10, majorlines = 1]], axis[2] = [location = low, gridlines = [10, majorlines = 1...



I was wondering if someone could assist me with the code for listcontplot.


I've tried the following:





But this does not work.  Is there any way to use listcontplot, listcontplot3d, or any other command to generate something similar to what Excel calls a Surface - contourplot?


Dear friends,


A simplified version of my problem now is the following. I need to represent the contourplot in the plan (x,y)  of a conditional double sum:


contourplot( sum(  sum(   (i+j)!/k! * (101-j-k)!/(100-k)!    , j=0..1), k= 0..100), x=0..0.5, y=0..0.5)


where the sum runs under the condition that (j,k) satisfies  (  x+j*y+(1-x-y)/100*k >= 0.5  and  j*y+(1-x-y...

Hi friends,

I am using contourplot / contourplot3d for a function f(x,y). But the coloring accepts only two colors whereas I want to get a contour like the one which is shown here  and is more common in most engineering applications.

My second question is how I can change the size of the plotted graph, because I am using the results in a report, so I need to have a better resolution.

Thank you!

Hi all,

I need a contour plot of c with a and b values as x and y axis.

a := `<,>`(Vector(12, {(1) = .19375, (2) = .19494, (3) = .19581, (4) = .19632, (5) = .19646, (6) = .19624, (7) = .19565, (8) = .19472, (9) = .19349, (10) = .19198, (11) = .19024, (12) = .18833}))

b := `<,>`(Vector(12, {(1) = -0.1517e-1, (2) = -0.1515e-1, (3) = -0.1512e-1, (4) = -0.1509e-1, (5) = -0.1506e-1, (6) = -0.1503e-1, (7) = -0.15e-1, (8...

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