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does anybody know how to copy a rtable structure in a worksheet and paste it on the other worksheet?

I copy it by right click and paste on the other one but no data transfered.

Assume you have a matrix A and somewhere you want to make a copy of it like B and working with them independently. Let's say you have a loop and after doing a proc on B again you have to make it equal to A. So changes on B shouldn't effect on A. What is the common way of taking such copies of A in Maple?

The following methods don't work.


What I came up with is the following but it will look weird if one really needs to write something meaningless like *2/2.

B := (1/2)*subs(B = 2*A, B);


Some years ago a postdoc working with me insisted to use Maple, since he was used to it. He left me some *.mws files with some calculations we had published together. I'd like to re-use the code now, preferably transposed to C or another programming language (there is not much use of Computer algebra in the code). Unfortunately it appears not so easy. I found the free Maple reader, and at least can now see the code. However, I did not find a way to copy-paste code from the Maple reader to a text file, or any other way to store the code in readable format (avoiding the Maple reader). I try to store the code by printing from the Maple reader with a kind of pdf writer, and a process started which kept my Laptop busy for more than an hour now without any output.

At the moment it looks like the two years of Postdoc work is lost, thanks to Maple and its strange restriction policy.

Can somebody let me know how to save the Maple input code of a *.mws file in a text file?




I just bought 2016 Maple. For a few days, everything was fine.

The increase of the speed calculations is very significant.

Then copy and paste gave unexpected results: impossible to keep the symbols, systematic conversion in text,in mode MathML,, appearance of ASCII characters in the texts, etc ..

all attempts to change the settings have failed

I spend more time correcting the changes that occur in the copy and paste that to take care of my equations.

Do you have an explanation ?

Using worksheet, in 2015. I have an execution group, such as


>... another execution group


And want to copy all the code from the first group, using the mouse. Is there another way, other than having to move the mouse by hand and select all the code in order to copy it?  In Mathematica, I can right-click on the cell edge, and select copy. This copies the cell to the buffer, then one can paste the code somewhere else. In Maple, I could not duplicate this behaviour which is annoying when one wants to copy large amount of code.

I found that if I put the code in a "code edit region", ie., do insert->code edit region, then right-click inside the small window of the code edit region, the copy is enabled, so I can copy the whole region without manually select it first.

But this does not work outside the code edit region.


I am using Maple 15, and before that Maple 8 and Maple 13. While using the versions 13 and 15, 

I come across with this problem; I cannot copy an output and use it as input. In Maple 8, I was able to do this but in 

these improved versions, it seems that it is not possible. Is there a way to solve this problem? I saw some answers about this

problem suggesting to change launch.ini file. But I could not apply this suggestion, since it is not permitted by the system. 

I want to paste a list of points generated by another program into a maple worksheet. 

However, when I paste the list of points into the Maple worksheet, I get a command prompt after each defined point in the list.  Whereby, the executable code will not run.

I need a way to paste the list of points into the worksheet without any command prompts.  Is there a special entry mode?  


Here's the list of points I want to paste into the worksheet:










Below is the worksheet code that I want to paste the list of points.

However, when I paste the list of points within the "pointPlot3D" function -- I get a command prompt after each defined point in the list of points.  (So 30 points gives 30 command prompts.)  Whereby, when this code is executed, there is an error.    What I need is a means to paste this list of points into the worksheet WITHOUT the command prompts showing up. 


> with(geom3d):

> with(plots):

> sphere1:=(x,y,z,R)->[x+R*cos(phi)*cos(theta),y+R*cos(phi)*sin(theta),z+R*sin(phi)]:

> Explore(display(        


               scaling = constrained, axes = boxed, style=wireframe, labels=[x,y,z],                


> [
> [20,0,0],
> [20,4,0],
> [19,8,0],
> [17,11,0],
> [14,14,0],
> [11,17,0]

> ],

               symbol=circle,symbolsize=10)  ),        

       parameters=[Rp=3..20],         initialvalues=[Rp=20] );


Hi, as I can't manage to copy and paste on mapleprimes, I would be glad to get a hint ...

Hi folks, the package PDEtools has a nice command declare that allow us to display PDEs using jet notation: say f[x]-g[y] instead of diff(f(x,y),x)-diff(g(x,y),y) but when I try to export it to LaTeX or just trying to copy and paste the display in a text file, I always get the long expression. If I try to copy as MathML I got junk... Any ideas on how to copy an expression displayed in jet notation to a text document?


I am using Maple 13, I am working on Optimtimization package (worksheet mode) in command-line 

LPSolve(-x-y, {y <= -5*x+2, y <= 3*x+1/2}, assume = nonnegative)



I have equations in microsoft word file and I have to copy the...

Can someone tell me how to solve the copy&paste problem? Every time i want to copy&paste an integral i get this error "Parts of the expression are ambiguous please select one of the suggested meanings".

Its really frustrating! 

How do I copy Maple input without any modifications?

Here is my problem:Consider the MAPLE input below (Copy Example). Copy and paste results in:

restart; with(VectorCalculus); SpaceCurve(`<,>`(VectorCalculus:-`*`(2, cos(t)), VectorCalculus:-`*`(2, sin(t)), t), t = 0 .. VectorCalculus:-`*`(2, Pi), axes = boxed, thickness = 2, color = black)

which is not the same as the input. I need the unmodified Maple input for a documentation, which is published...


For many reasons, until recently, I have been always using Classic interface under Maple through Maple 16. When trying Maple 16 with Java interface I have noticed several quirks which were not present under the Classic interface of earlier versions through (at least) Maple 13. One of them is this:

The shortcut keys such as CTRL+Insert and SHIFT+Insert do not work and I am forced to use a mouse and copy/paste icons in Maple. This really slows down my keyboard...

Dear everyone,



  I have a question related to copy and paste in Maple 16.

 Consider an input like



f1:=map(t -> `if`(match(t = c*y^d, y, 's'), subs(s,c), NULL),
      convert(eq1, list));

f2:=map(t -> `if`(match(t = c*y^d, y, 's'), subs(s,d), NULL),
      convert(eq1, list));

I have program in txt,I want to copy it into the command-line maple 15 as belows:


How to do it. Ctrl+V is useless

> MEMBER := proc(x::anything, L::list, p::evaln) local i;
> for i to nops(L) do
> if x=L[i] then
> if nargs>2 then p := i end if;
> RETURN(true)
> end if
> end do;

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