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There was a post in mapleprimes I asked a long time ago about how to modify the definition file in the maple help database.  It was answered but I can not locate the question. 


Tryed to work this application, but problems encountered.


I installed PostgreSQL, (i believe version 8.4 from 2010) which I found at "oldapps" (the current version is 9.6).

I'm running Win 7, 64 bit. Anyways, I have to change the paths below "Query the database":

driver := LoadDriver(classpath = "C://Program Files (x86)//PostgreSQL//pgJDBC//postgresql-8.4-701.jdbc4.jar");

conn := driver:-OpenConnection("jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/zip_codes", "postgres", "password");

I fail to see pgJDBC folder and a search for .jar files in the directory yields only 3 jar files, non resembling the above. tried example.jar

same error. heres a screenshot of my directory

I am experimenting with creating help files for  my own package.

I have saved  a package overview file and one package command  file into a help data base as a test usingTools, Help Database, Save as Help Page.

These 2 help pages work in principle as i can find them when I search for them and the command  help page opens from the overview page. I now need to edit them. So I edit the original worksheets and use Tools, Help Database, Save as Help Page to update the data base.

Now Maple will not let me overwrite the original page.The Help file savy you can overwrite. So I have to delete the original page first then resave it back in. This involves reentering all the data again. Topic Alisies and Table of contents.

To say the least this is extremely tedious  vastly innefficient and very error prone. I will have upto say 40 help pages to edit and they will require some expirementing with.

Is there a better way to do this?


Hve added this line the the bottom of the worksheet

makehelp('`Rational Trigonometry`', "Rational Trigonometry Overview", " C:\Users\Ronan.Ronan-PC\maple\toolbox\UserHelp\lib\")

get     Error, (in readline) file or directory does not exist


Just a simple little proc that grabs and displays some simple data for general stars (I've only listed a couple for starters).  It wasn't till later that I realized it's not an up to date database as it doesn't contain more recent interesting stars like Kepler 452.  One would have to go to the SIMBAD astronomical database for which I have not yet devoted any time for .. at least not yet. 

StarData := proc (a::string) local b, c, d, e1, e2, e3; b := StringTools:-DeleteSpace(StringTools:-Substitute(a, " ", "+")); c := HTTP:-Get(cat("", b)); d := convert(c[2], string); e1 := d[StringTools:-Search("<H1>", d)+4 .. StringTools:-Search("</H1>", d)-1]; e2 := d[StringTools:-Search("Right", d) .. StringTools:-Search("Standard error in distance", d)-8]; e3 := StringTools:-SubstituteAll(StringTools:-SubstituteAll(StringTools:-SubstituteAll(e2, "<BR>", ""), "<B>", ""), "</B>", ""); print(e1); print(e3) end proc:


"Right Ascension and Declination: 0h0m0s, +0&deg;0'0" (epoch 2000.0)
Distance from Sol: 0 light-years (0 parsecs)


StarData("Wolf 1061")

"Right Ascension and Declination: 16h30m18.097s, -12&deg;39'45.17" (epoch 2000.0)
Distance from Sol: 13.91 light-years (4.264 parsecs)


StarData("Alpha Centauri")

"Right Ascension and Declination: 14h39m35.88s, -60&deg;50'7.4" (epoch 2000.0)
Distance from Sol: 4.395 light-years (1.347 parsecs)



"Right Ascension and Declination: 6h45m8.871s, -16&deg;42'57.99" (epoch 2000.0)
Distance from Sol: 8.601 light-years (2.637 parsecs)








I have an integral that maple can not solve but I can solve it by hand. How can I add this to maple integration database?


Please see the file below.


Many many thanks! :)

In Maple 18, the Database package has been updated to include support for SQlite databases as well as a new option for plots to change the background images on plots.  To showcase both of these features, our engineering team put together an example that optimizes the flight path of a pan-US delivery drone.

This application extracts the latitude and longitude of those zip codes from an SQLlite database (the application includes the database, which cross-references US zip codes against their latitude, longitude, city and state). The application then performs a traveling salesman optimization and plots the shortest path on a map of the US.

To download the application click here:

I want to connect Maple to a database with around 10 000 time series.
I have played around with Microsoft Access, SQL Server and MySQL.
However, none of them seems to be up to the task.

One of the problems that I had was that the connection (tcp-ip) between
Maple and the database was very slow also the databases them self did not
handle the large amount of data very well. Maples database
examples are not very helpful either. They only show "cute" examples

Powerful database + Maple = Fun

Are you struggling to connect Maple with a simple microsoft access database?
Then after weeks of error messages you finally manage to connect just to
discover that the datafeed is slow slow slow ie you are driving a Fiat Punto
when you really should be driving a ferrari!

Then maybe OpenTSDB is something for you.
OpenTSDB is free software...

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