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I would like to study the period doubling bifurcation behaviors of autonomous ODEs.

Although I know how to plot the Poincare section and bifurcation diagram for non-autonomous ODEs, such as Duffing oscillator, I totally stuck at the autonomous ones. Could you please help me.

It could be greatly helpful if you could share me the code of bifurcation diagram for, say, Rossler or Lorenz systems? 

Thank you in advance.

Very kind wishes,

Wang Zhe

Is there a library to draw state machine diagram from logic table in Maple?


I have problem to plot(2D)  some equations that have 3 variables (to obtain one diagram with some curve ).

like this equation

ln(2*s*t+2*s*x*sqrt(t)/sqrt(pi)+x^2)-2*s*(arctan((s+x*sqrt(pi/t))/sqrt(2*pi*s-s^2))-(1/2)*pi)/sqrt(2*pi*s-s^2) = 0

I should plot x v.s t for s=0.01,0.005,0.003,0.002

please  help me to understand how can plot like these equation.


I remember to have seen and used a command to make the graph of the output of FeynmanDiagrams but I can not find more sample files. Someone can tell me how to do (plot a Feynman graph using the result of FeynmanDiagrams).

Thanks and sorry for my english.

want to write in maple code

to generate all commutative diagram 

with adjacency matrix


however, i only know a -> b, b-> c , a->d , d-> c

google no information about all commutative diagram, 


another problem is

would like to enrich theory , however, do not know how to connect property such as equations with diagram

How would i label the axis and change its font and size.

Also, how would i move the horizontal axis down, so that the whole diagram can be seen. (Hope that makes sence)

Finally, there are some odd points between 0 and 1 on the vertical axis, how do you get rid of these...

Digits:=20: N:=10000: M:=100: x_max:=1: r_min:=0:
r_max:=4: for n from 0 to N do r:=r_min+n/N*(r_max-r_min):
x:=evalf(x_max*rand()/10^12):for m from 0 to M do x:=x*exp(r*(1 - x)): od:
X[n]:=x: od:



Here is the Rossler system, one of the simplest examples of 3 dimensional deterministic chaos (under certain conditions according to "params"). Thanks to Doug and Joe for various assists. Comments and critiques most welcome !


#Find fixed points:

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