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Application of the properties of real numbers such as divisible factors, quantity and sum of prime divisors, DCM and MCM among others. All the technology embedded components of Maple.







I am trying to find the maple procedure to do the extended euclidean algorithm which computes the gcd(A, B) such that the gcd(A, B) = A*r + B*s for some integers r and s. I want the integers r and s.

is gcdex() the right maple procedure (I cannot get it to work). Or what procedure can I use?



This exponent is a number of order 2011! and Maple operates with such quantities. However, the simpleminded approaches fail:
> for k to 10 do is(`in`(2^k, numtheory[divisors](factorial(2011)))) end do;

Error, (in numtheory:-divisors) object too large
> for k to factorial(2020) do if is((factorial(factorial(2011))/2^k)::posint) then NULL else print(k) end if end do;

Error, (in fact) Cannot allocate memory (size=100728832)

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