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When I use functions from the DocumentTools to display information in a Maple document, they display a weird bracked along the left hand side of the display. I would like them to display in the same way they do in the help pages. I have attached a document showing the results I get when I repeat some of the examples from the help pages.


Hi everybody,

I am used to using  the DocumentTools :-RunWorksheet command and I am confronted with the following problem :

  • My worksheet is deemed to generate a plot in a png file
    > plotsetup(png, plotoutput=MyFile, …)
    > plot( …)

    But MyFile is not created
  • Thinking that the mw file launched by  DocumentTools :-RunWorksheet is seen as a procedure, I have thought that print(plot(…)) would fix the issue.
    Unfortunately the png file is still not created (same behavior with a jpeg file)

I know that  DocumentTools :-RunWorksheet is “experimental” but I wonder if I am doing something wrong or if DocumentTools :-RunWorksheet simply does not support plots ?

Thanks in advance

I want to make the blue output my procedure spits out a another color, and align it to the right, is this even possible? Or something like it?

I basically want to make a Maple procedure that does certain calculations and writes the explanation for each calculation. I do however want Maple to write these explanations as a text field like in a normal Maple worksheet, instead of the blue output in the middle. Is this possible? Or is there any alternative ideas you have that I could try? Would really appreciate any kind of help, thanks.

How does one retrieve document properties of some target file.

I tried ..

Retrieve("c:\\Users\laptop22\Documents\", "GetDocumentProperty('all')")

however that ended in error

***************edit added****************
From the help pages

Why Apply Document Properties?

The Document Properties feature allows you to record data associated with your document, such as the author or date of creation. This data is not displayed in your document but could be read by an external processing tool.

It does say read by external processing tool, but Maple has the command Retrieve so I would think it is also possible within Maple, maybe not with Retrieve since it is specifically looking for labels.  But perhaps there is another way?


I've read the help page ?printf for the format codes many times over the years. I think that this is new:

The Z modifier, "%Zm" can be used to generate an alternate equivalent dotm representation that is used in communication with the GUI and in DocumentTools related functionality for the creation of XML content for .mw files.

Could someone show me an example of that?


How i need to write 

>teksbiasa:=`Hello! Bob`;

in button Action When Clicked at simple graphical interface instead of


because when i enter Hello! Bob in %txtTeksBiasa, system pop up ERROR



Error in Component button with caption "Botton":

(in unknown) incorrect syntax in parse: missing operator or

`;`(near 7th character of parsed string)


Thank you~=]]


Can anyone please suggest a way to set the zoom factor for a 3D plot from the plot commands or using DocumentTools or in some other way that doesn't involve the interactive tools?

What I'm trying to achieve is the following:

I'm developing MapleCloud worksheets for a course I'm teaching and want to give my students several 3D plots to interact with through their web browser.  When I make the plots, Maple determines the scaling so that boxed axes with labels will fit in the area of the plot component.  However, I'm making plots with axes=none that look better at a higher zoom factor (the corners of the unseen boxed axes would be out of the plot area but all the plot components still fit) and I'm keen to create the plots that look like this if possible.

My ideal solution would be for there to be a zoomfactor option for the plots[display] command or to be able to use some code like SetProperty("Plot0",zoomfactor,1.25) but I haven't been able to find a way to achieve this.  The closest I found was setting the viewpoint option, but that locked the view, preventing rotation, and I want to just set the initial view.  Is there some other method I haven't found?

Thank you for your help,




I want to retrieve all the commands input by user in a maple document saved on disk. How this can be done? DocumentTools:-Retrieve permits to receive only the labeled expressions but not the input commands.


I'm trying to use the command: DocumentTools[Retrieve](path,label), but i recieve the message "unable to retrieve label reference" no mather what i do. When i use the GUI: Insert - reference and get the value it works fine, but in that way I can't assign the value to a variable in the document.

here is an example:

The document i want to retrieve a value from:


a := 5;

#a gets the label (1)


The document i want to retrieve the value to:


path := FileTools:-JoinPath([""], base = worksheetdir); = "C:\Users\Nicolai\CloudStation\Nicolai\Skole stof\Sem 7\"


Retrieve(path, "());
Retrieve(path, "(1)");
Retrieve(path, "a");

#None of the above works


Is it even possible to do such thing?

with best regards



Probably trivial, ...but how to set up a slider in degrees.
I'd like to use degrees instead radians in expresion ...from some reasons.
Help will be apreciated :-)



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