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Why doesn't Maple provide enough white space when user reaches end of document ? As you can see below, I have reached almost to the end of the page. I believe the default process would be to bring the cursor to eye-level (middle of the screen). Now in this case, I have to hit RETURN enough times to bring the cursor to my eye level.


Anyone else find this as an issue ?



Hello all, 


This is my first time with Maple, I have been a student of Mathematica for 7 years. I purchased Maple to learn a new software and I have heard great things about it. I somehow dont feel the flexibility of Mathematica in Maple documentations. It seems to be a bit constrained and not very straight forward in some aspects. Please correct me if I am wrong and also point out to tutorials or documents that I should be looking at before nose diving into Maple.

worksheet example here: 

I have faced 2 simple problems which I think is a bug in some form, or I may be wrong. Please advise.

  1. How do I insert Equation 7 before Equation 6? The worksheet wont let me do it.
  2. Why are 'and' and 'in' bolded automatically in SECTION format?

Hey, I recently switched to Maple 2016, but now whenever I write equations in the text field it calculates it like if it was a math problem it had to solve, but I just want it to be text, nothing else.

Do you know of any way to turn this off? As in Maple 2015 I could write equations in the text field, and when I ran the worksheet through it wouldn't try to calculate text fields, but 2016 calculates the text fields and shows the solution as a blue text... So annoying.

I created a new Document with a single command:


Then I right-clicked on the command and chose Explore from the context menu and then clicked on the Explore button in the dialog box. A rectangle with a slider appeared. So far so good.  However, I cannot delete the rectangle from my Document. I tried to select the rectangle and press Delete, Ctrl+Delete, and to right-click on it and choose Cut from the menu. Nothing works.

If I select both the rectangle and the command A=1 all the three actions described above also fail to delete anything.

Help will be appreciated.

Given that I use Maple as a student I've had to update to the newest version to keep using Maple.

However I find I have a lot of problems with the new version.


Normally when I write an assignement or work on the given problems I use worksheet mode because it is the best mode to spot any mistakes, and I've grown accostumed to it.


My problem however is when I have to use text.


Normally I've hit CTRL+T to get Maple to recognize that I write text, whereupon I write the given assignment, and press CTRL+J for when I want to go on and write some math. However we do have a little issue about the symbols.


Since I am an engineering student we use a lot of greek letters, and in this case I bring up sigma. In the "old" Maple I pressed F5 to get into math, write the symbol I wanted, pressed F5 again to get back to text and keep writing. In Maple 2016 however I do the same and then at the end of the text paragraph maple spits out lines of blue text with all of the "math" that I have written.

So my question is thus: Can I stop Maple from giving me the blue text, or perhaps is there another way to type symbols without having to go into math?

The problem that I'm asking about here doesn't show in the MaplePrimes display of the worksheet below; you'll need to download the worksheet to see it. The problem is that the last subsection (which is currently empty) overlaps with the second-to-last subsection. It also overlapped when it was not empty. I just want to delete that last subsection, but nothing that I've tried works. This is not the first time that I've had overlapping subsections, but previously I've always been able to fix the problem by closing and re-opening the worksheet. That doesn't work in this case. A scratch space for testing NewSLO:-reparam

Modify at will.

Created by Carl 2016Jun17.


Important: If any change is made to KB.mpl or NewSLO.mpl then before running this worksheet

1. Restart all open Maple sessions.

2. From the command line, run "cmaple -q < update-archive.mpl".



dir:= "C:/cygwin64/home/owner/hakaru/maple/":

Load:= proc(package::symbol) read ""||dir||package||".mpl" end proc:






Passed cases


Cases being worked on


infolevel[reparam]:= 2:


Linear fractional transformation (LFT) with symbolic coefficients


LFT with explicit coefficients


Simplest nonlinear LFT: 1/x


Symbolic constant multiple


Two-variable LFT with Gamma


Two-variable constant multiple with ChiSquare and Standard Normal


(t16) Sum of std normals to Normal(0, sqrt(2))


(t20) Sum of n Bernoullis to Binomial


(t23) Sum of Exponentials to Gamma




I watched a webinar training:   Maple Training for Engineers, Researchers, and Scientists.


The file demonstrated topics and used collapsible regions with a colored band across the document and a + / - sign on the left to open/close the section or region.  Different than the document gray down arrow.


I have searched all the documentation and can not find how to do this.   I have done this in other programs like MathCAD to close and lock a region from viewing or editing of specific formulas.


Any help always appreciated.




Wanting to edit a post of mine, I accidentally clicked the 'More'-button and chose 'Edit' on anothers post. I immediately saw that it was not my post, and did of course not alter it. But it left me somewhat shocked, for it would seem to imply that anyone can edit (and delete, as well, have just investigated that) anyones post(s). That I think is something that really needs to be remedied as soon as possible.

I should be able to use F3 to break into a multline nested loop and insert a new line of code, and then F4 to close it up again before execution.  The F4 works for closing things up.  But the F3 does NOT work.  Is this a known problem?  Is there another way to do it short of a lot of cutting and pasting?

I would like to import the code from Pg 90 on in the following document into Maple. Any suggestions for doing so with minimal editing required after pasting?


In MapleSim environment, I can see these code, but I find that I cannot edit them.

Is there a method that I can edit these codes?

Thank you.


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