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Can someone please explain the error I am making in the input syntax?

Somehow my input is causing maple to be unable to solve these equations.


*edit* i'm also getting the same result for something like:


I don't understand the empty brackets, is maple telling me there's no solution, or is something wrong with my syntax? I have to be doing something wrong here, but i just don't see it yet.


Hello people in mapleprimes,

I want to simplify the next expression which has 1/k as its exponent,

especially, I want to collect for T. I hope you will teach me how to do it.


If I do as


the output is


But, as all variables has 1/k as its exponent, I want to collect it to (...)^(1/k).

Is this possible?


 solve({-(1/3)*(eta+5)/(eta-3) = 3*eta/(-2+eta)})

{eta = 6/5-(1/5)*61^(1/2)}, {eta = 6/5+(1/5)*61^(1/2)}


I want the answer

eta := 6/5-(1/5)*61^.5



what is the command i should use? Please help. Thanks.




Ramakrishnan V

I am looking to extract exponents from a sum of products of three variables A, B and C. An example being:

f:=5*A^4*B^3*C^7   +   3*A^2*B^1*C^7  +  31*A^3*B^6*C^11  + ...

I used the following procedure to extract the exponents of each variable:

Exponents:= proc(p, x::name)
    map(degree, [t], x)
end proc:

This works great and will extract the powers for each term:

Exponents(f,A):        [4,2,3]

Exponents(f,B):        [3,1,6]

However, when the exponents are the same it does not count them twice. An example of this being with the variable C above where two of them have an exponent = 7 and it only counts it once.

Exponents(f,C):        [7,11]

Is there a simple way to modify the procedure to list the powers regardless of if they appear more than once?

Many thanks in advance.

Maple 15

eq:=1/2*x^(1/2) + 1/13*x^(1/3) + 1/26*x^(45/37);

The exponents are still fractions.  I want to have floating point exponents.

0.5*x^0.500000 + 0.07692307692*x^0.333333 + 0.03846153846*x^1.216216216

How do I do this?


Tom Dean

Hello, i got the following problem. I have a function, say u(h,e) whith multiple exponents ((u(h,e))^(1/a))^a. As long as Maple does not know that u(h,e) is positiv it won't make the simplification and return u(h,e) as expected. From my view i have two possibilites to solve this problem:

1) Define u(h,e) to be positive. Sounds intuitive, but i didn't manage to find the right definition

2) Give maple the function e.g. u:=e+h^2 and simplify the epression in uneval quotes with assumption positive for e and h.

Whereas I have solution 2, the problem is that i would need excessive amounts of uneval quotes '' at the start of my worksheet, not to run out of them.


I definitly need my epressions in unevaluated forms and would be happy to hear any ideas.

Greetings, Fabian


I have a monomial in 8 letters j_0, j_1, j_3, j_4, j_6, j_10, j_11, j_15 with corresponding exponents b_0, b_1, b_3, b_4, b_6, b_10, b_11, b_15. I would like Maple to calculate 0*b_0 + 1*b_1 +3*b_3 +...15*b_15. I know indets returns a list of the variables, but I am not sure how to pull off the indices and exponents? Thank you very much for the help!

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