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I want to make the blue output my procedure spits out a another color, and align it to the right, is this even possible? Or something like it?

When I call up a Help page I see mostly boxes with question marks inside. If I copy the page into Word I get a badly formatted document in Canbria font. On other pages I get a font drop down box that indicates the page is in DejaVu Sans font and if I then change that to some font on my system (MAC 10.12.1) I get a perfectly readable document. Is there some preference, startup code or setting I can change to fix this annoyance?

Maple debugger uses very small font, different from main worksheet. It seems to use its own font size. Changing font size on the main worksheet has no effect.

For example, if you type

return 3;
end proc;




Now the debugger comes up. On my system, windows 7, and Maple 2016, the font is very small. I'd like to make it larger.

How can one do this? I looked at format->style but see nothing related to debugger.

I have a gensym routine (gensym = generate symbol) which appends Chinese characters to some base symbols to create 'new' symbols.  This works well on Windows, Mac and tty maple.  But I get all square boxes in the linux GUI.

I know the fonts exist as, on the same machine, it works in tty.  But I have no idea how to tell the GUI to go and use those fonts.  Nor why it isn't.

Amusingly, if I try to paste something from the GUI as MapleMath here on Primes, in the 'paste' box, it shows just fine, but then it says it is invalid Maple.

For example, from the GUI I see

but the same thing in TTY is

(x三0不 + x三1下)^(-M)

and I just did cut-and-paste of the same thing.  By this I mean that I took that output with boxes above, put it into a terminal window, re-copied that, pasted it in here, and voila!

So clearly the issue is with the GUI, and only on linux (Ubuntu 16.04).

12pt type is difficult for me to read.  I would like to fix a workbook so that everything yet to appear will be in 18pt type, without my having to enlarge things one at a time.   (I am a new MAPLE user.)  

How to change the font style, globally, the inputs and outputs of computations in Maple 2015? That is, every time a new document is started, the chosen style is automatically applied.


The font size in the output pane of the standard interface, interactive debugger is really, really small and I can't figure out how to increase it. (Other than drop my screen resolution from its native 2560x1440, which makes it bigger but "fuzzier" - not a huge improvement for tired eyes!!)

Can the font in the Maple Component Text Area be changed? It's not obvious how to do it from "Component Properties" or anywhere else. 

Thanks, Greg.

Могу ли я использовать Клен, чтобы найти конкретные решения, которые выражаются либо в начальных и эллиптических функций для систем обыкновенных дифференциальных уравнений. Например, вы можете получить в Maple решений (sub_Solve01, sub_Solve02) для систем, которые перечислены в файле?

I want to draw plots with big numbers in axes

but when I change font sizes it dont work

please help me


eta := 3:
beta := t[1]*(H-t[1])/H^2:
for i from 5 to 10 do H := i:
PL[i] := plot((t[1]^4+2*eta*beta*(2-beta)*H^4+eta^2*(H-t[1])^4)/(eta*(H-t[1])+t[1]), t[1] = 0 .. H, y = 0 .. 3000, color = black, axesfont = [Font(14), Font(14)], size = [560, 500]) end do:
with(plots): display({seq(PL[j], j = 5 .. 10)})


When I enter the following code from the help file:


textplot3d([[1,2,3,"antelope", 'font'=["times","roman",20]], [3,2,1,"tiger"]], 'axes'='boxed', 'view'=[0..4, 0..4, 0..4]);


I receive the error message:

Plotting error, invalid FONT specification

I am trying to reduce the font size to fit many closely spaced strings in the plot.

Can anyone help.  I am running maple 16 on  Windows 7 machine.

Hi! I can't answer the following two simple questions.

1) Why do use different font sizes every other  files created by the attached worksheet?

2) What happens when we uncomment some (all) of the #restart lines, and execute the commands (execution groups)  in the original order? How many files should we get?


Update: sorry, I can't see the uploaded worksheet, but here it is as plain text:

#### on Fedora 18 Linux, Maple 17.01:




plotsetup(ps,plotoutput= `sinplot1`, plotoptions = `width=500,height=500, font=[TIMES, BOLD, 16]`);
plot(sin(x), x=-Pi..Pi, title="Output: sinplot1.eps");


plotsetup(ps,plotoutput= `sinplot2`, plotoptions = `width=500,height=500`);
plot(sin(x), x=-Pi..Pi, font=[TIMES, BOLD, 16], title="Output: sinplot2.eps");

#### Restart in the same execution group as the plot statements - no output file?

plotsetup(ps,plotoutput= `sinplot3`, plotoptions = `width=500,height=500, font=[TIMES, BOLD, 16]`);
plot(sin(x), x=-Pi..Pi, title="Output: sinplot3.eps");

plotsetup(ps,plotoutput= `sinplot4`, plotoptions = `width=500,height=500`);
plot(sin(x), x=-Pi..Pi, font=[TIMES, BOLD, 16], title="Output: sinplot4.eps");

Dear sirs/madams,

I tried to use my MAPLE in a MacBook with a quiet large screen...however I see the letter sizes of my Maple16 very small (the same wiht the font size on input and ouput sheets..and everywhere)..

Is there some way to "see larger and bigger"?

Thanks for your attention,



I was trying to get the labels and titles in a plot to be typeset using LaTeX fonts on a computer running SUSE 12.2.  Everything worked on a Windows 7 computer with the LaTeX fonts installed.  Maple 17 would use not use the CMU Open Type fonts that were installed on the Linux computer.  After switching in the CMU True Type fonts for the CMU Open Type fonts, everything works properly in the attached worksheet on the Linux machine.


I've tried a few different ways to change the axis label size but am a bit lost. I'm new to the maple environment.


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