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I want to make the blue output my procedure spits out a another color, and align it to the right, is this even possible? Or something like it?

I basically want to make a Maple procedure that does certain calculations and writes the explanation for each calculation. I do however want Maple to write these explanations as a text field like in a normal Maple worksheet, instead of the blue output in the middle. Is this possible? Or is there any alternative ideas you have that I could try? Would really appreciate any kind of help, thanks.

While coding I used _ instead of subscript which I now want to change to create a presentable document.

Does anyone know how I can change all underscores to subscripts at once without going through every single element?


Vince :)

Way back in Maple 10 (I'd like to pay special attention to it was suggested even hinted by a Maplesoft employee that this availability would be in a future version of Maple. 

Since then there have been numerous requests on how to get Maple to change to scientific or engineering notation of the sorts. 

So what is that now, v11 v12 v13 v14 v15 v16 v17 v18 v2015 v2016 ... 10 versions!  and no implementation of engineering / scientific notation conversions. 

We rely today on printf or sprintf for e notations however I could't come up with an output of converting 3530 to simply 3.53 x 103 .  Can someone produce a proc to do so, I have tried and I can not. 

Is there a way to change the numeric formatting of 'Scientific' to use a cdot instead of a cross to represent multiplication?

hi i can rewrite answer in compressive format. that result seen readible and incomplex.for example how i can use change of variable, in order to final result has a short format...


I have looked everywhere for help on how to format decimals to indicate they are recurring; or there is a set of numbers that is recurring. Normal notation would show a point above the the appropriate digits that follow the decimal point to indicate recurrence.

I'm sure it is simple to do but I cannot find the help that I need from the Maple help.

Regards, DLW

I have a problem with the right-click command „Unit Formatting“. Here is an example: I am trying to get in result in kW instead of W. This works as long as the value is assigned to the variable using := . If the value is calculated I cannot change the unit.

Right-clicking P and P2 and selecting „Unit Formatting“ I get the following selection menu

Right-clicking P3 offers no units to be selected. Entering a Custom Unit returns an error message.

Is that behaviour normal for Maple or am I making a mistake?


I apologize, as I'm still very new. I've flipped through a lot of pages, but I'm unsure of how Maple code translates to Maple TA.


I have randomly assigned an integer for the value of a year in Maple TA. I'd like it to appear as "2013" for example, but it will instead appear as "2,013". Is there a way to set the output formatting of a variable individually within a problem in TA?



As you can see on the picture, the numeric formatting is set to enginnering with 3 decimals, but it is now separated with a comma, so when I copy this answer to further calculate something, it will read it as a list, and it will give an error.

I have no Idea how this suddenly changed, its usually a period and there is no problem.

This is probably an asy fix, but I can't find any options for this.

Im running windows 10, and Im in Denmark.


I'm trying to improve the fvisual aspect of a worksheet.

For some inputs or texts, I would like to reuse some formats.

Is a way to duplicate formatting such as for software like word or others ?

In others words, is there in Maple this kind of option   Duplicate formatting ?

Thanks a lot for your help.



I am programing the RSA-Algorithm. Somewhere in the program the user gets the choice to get a rough summary of the algorithm and the various steps used.

To do that I wrote a 1 1/2 page summary in Word. To see how the text is displayed withing the Window I took the first paragraph of my summary and put it in the following code:


mapletExplainRSA := Maplet(Window('title' = "Erfahre mehr über RSA",

["Das verschlüsseln und entschlüsseln einer Nachricht dient der sicheren Kommunikation. Es existieren bereits Methoden der sicheren Kommunikation. Eine davon nennt man „one way ciphers“ oder „trap door ciphers“.  „One way“ da obwohl alle eine Nachricht verschlüsseln können, nur einer sie entschlüsseln kann. Für jedes Verschlüsselungsverfahren gibt es einen Schlüssel für das verschlüsseln und einen anderen Schlüsseln für das entschlüsseln.",

[Button("Nachricht verschlüsseln", Shutdown("True")), Button("Abbrechen", Shutdown())]]));



The problem is that when I run this code the whole paragraph is written on the same line and hence does not even fit in the Maplet Window. Is there a way so that my rather long text will be formatet nicely within the Maplet window. Just like it would be displayed using Word. That is a text in paragraph style where sentences are wrapped automatically.



It's been a while since I touched Maple. Just picked it up again to do some stat work, and I'm feeling a bit out of my element having been to accustomed to things like Matl.... (I mean the software that shall not be named).

Is there a way to convert a single array/matrix into multiple arrays?


1 1
2 7
3 8
4 9
5 10
6 14
7 20

It's easy just to copy and past this as a single element within a worksheet. However, I want to get it so that it's formated like data = [[1,1],[2,7],[3,8],etc...]

Is there a way to reformat into individual elements once everything is in one large array? I'm basically copy and pasting a huge mess of cells from Excel and am looking to see if there's a simplier solution than manual data entry.

I know how to define a procedure and use print() as follows:

test := proc (x)
  print("x is equal to: ");
end proc

This displays as follows:

"x is equal to: "


But i would like to appear as follows:

x is equal to: 2


Where the "x is equal to: "-part is standard a "text-mode-block" with green color.

Can i accomplish this in Maple, and can i do more advanced formatting?


Best regards,


I wish to use the 'Numeric Formatting' feature on some results in Maple, to show the correct significant figures in the results. But when I apply Numeric Formatting to any result, the decimal seperator changes from the usual dot (.) to a comma (,). How can I keep the dot as decimal seperator while applying the correct significant figures?



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