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I have an equation which has no explicit solutions, but I would like to plot the solutions. I have construction a function which, for every argument, produces a numerical answer to the equation, but this function can't be plotted. Below is a simplified (equation has trivial explicit solution) function which shows the difficulty.

> Fe := p->fsolve(eval(1-x+p = x), x)
p -> fsolve(eval(1 - x + p = x), x)

Here we exercise the function to produce floating results.

v1 := evalf(30*Pi/(180.));
v2 := evalf(120*Pi*(1/180));
r1 := 600;
r2 := 1800;

Hello, I am using maple 7 and I want to find all the solutions to a set of 4 equations with 4 variables.  These equations are all trigonometric.  fsolve of course only gives a single solution and using the avoid unction doesn't work.


I have tried to write something like this:





and this always gives the same solution.  Any ideas?  Thank you.



I have the eq. as shown below:

2*x^3+(2*K1*nbo4+3*K2*nbo4*PH2O)*x^2+3*K1*x*nbo4^2*K2*PH2O-3*K1*nbo4^2*Ti*K2*PH2O = 0

where x is the only variable, however I would like to solve this eq with respect to x for a list of 5 different values for the constant K1 (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), and then get an output with the 5 numerical solutions to the eq.

I have tried to make the following matrix:

K1 := [1,2,3,4,5]


Dear Colleagues
As you can see from the worksheet with the command solve achieving results. I would like to enter initial values for b, a and R0. When trying to use fsolve for this purpose
I get the following result:
Error, (in fsolve/setrange) R0 = 10 is an invalid range

How to achieve convergence using fsolve?
any help?

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