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What is the funcional difference between individual, academic, and professional editions of Maple?

I am currently working on an adaptive question in Maple TA 2016 and it seems that there is a bug in the drop - down list functionality: 

After I click "Verify" in a section, the answer disappears even though I choose it to be displayed. The window simply goes back to showing (Click for List) instead of keeping the answer, see the screenshot below.


Perhaps I am doing something wrong, though I have used Lists extensively in the previous version and never had that problem ..


Thanks for your  help!




In Maple, I seem to keep finding commands in different Maple build-in packages that does the same thing. Which is very confusing for someone trying to learn Maple.

Maple seems to have good things in it, but at the same time, it strikes me as a large bag with lots of tools and commands thrown in with little sense of coherence. One needs one command from one package to finish the job started using a command from a different package, and an option from one place to patch something done with a command from another package.

Here is one example. I wanted to obtain the diagonal of a matrix. So far, I found 3 commands that do the same exact thing:

A:=Matrix([ [1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]);
MTM:-diag(A);  #1
LinearAlgebra:-Diagonal(A);  #2
Student:-LinearAlgebra:-Diagonal(A);  #3

I am sure if continue to look, I might find another command to do the same thing hiding in some other package.

The problem for new user like me, is how does one decide which comand to use. This is the same as with constructing a Matrix. There is the Matrix([[]]) notation and metod, and there is the <<>> notation that does the same thing but with different and conflicting syntax.

Having many commands that do duplicate things is not a good thing at all. Commands should be axiomatic and orthogonal to each others. I think there should be a document that describes from a high level all these packages, may be as a block diagram with arrows that show the relation, if any, between them, and how they interact and when to use one vs. the other.

Is there a reason for this duplication of functionality? Does any one at Maplesoft look at such issues?


I have been investigating Predator-Prey spatial models, e.g.

diff(N(x, t), t) = r*N(x, t)*(1-N(x, t)/K(x, t))-a*N(x, t)*P(x, t)+d[1]*(diff(N(x, t), x, x))

diff(P(x, t), t) = P(x, t)*(b*N(x, t)-c)+d[2]*(diff(P(x, t), x, x))


Hello all,

I've noticed that something has changed to the type of sqrt in Maple 15, which breaks backward compatibility...

In Maple 14, we have

> type(sqrt,procedure);          true
> type(sqrt,`module`); false
> eval(sqrt);          proc(x::algebraic, f::identical(symbolic))  ...  end proc

while in Maple 15, we have

> type(sqrt,procedure);          false
> type(sqrt,`module`); true

I am a mechanical engineering graduate student and I use Maple daily for everything from school projects to homework. Unfortunately, printing anything out (to hand in) either (a) ends up looking absolutely terrible / enormous or (b) takes forever to format. I have to go through and apply all of these styles I've saved that make all of the fonts smaller and a different color (and when I do that, things look weird.... powers are impinging on their bases [e.g. the x and 3 in x^3 are fused...



I have 3 points:




Please show me what is wrong: plane(p1,[A,B,C],[x,y,z])

how to make a plane with these points.

error: Error, (in geom3d:-Equation) wrong type of argument

Thanks a lot!

Currently, using Explore results in a new worksheet which contains all the sliders and output components.

And there is code, which makes it all "work", that gets hidden in that new worksheet. But It's very awkward to copy those Components back to the original worksheet, because of the disassociation with the working code.

If, instead of having dependent code be hidden in that new worksheet in collapsed Document blocks, all the working code were instead inlined...

What single change in Maple would you want more than any other?

Maybe it's an enhancement, or a functionality change, or a bug fix.

Maple's Standard GUI has context-sensitive menus. Those are the menus that appear when one right-clicks on a output (or input, in a Dcoument).

Those context-menus can be customized.

Below is an example which adds a new submenu. The new submenu is populated automatically according to the types of thing found within the object itself.

It's an alternative to a menu-item that already exists, which shows up as "Help on Command". But that existing item only...

There are a number of facilities in Maple which may be extended. Included amongst those are `type`, `print`, `evalf`, and `latex`. The help-page ?extension_mechanism claims that all the built-in functions allow for extension. It also mentions a few system Library routines such as `verify` (but does not mention `latex`).

There are some descriptions of varying completeness in a few...

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