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Hi , you all

I have another question of the day. As I get deeper in my math I find these little things popping up that I don't understand what they mean or provide for the answer


Now that gamma in the denominator is what concerns me.  I haven't found any reference to this use for gamma, So , I come here to find the answer.

Thanks Bill


I want to solve the integral with respect to Gamma function but I can not obtain it by maple. the lower limit "a" is very close to zero. Please direct me. Thank you





Dear Maple community,

I just recently purchased Maple 2016.2 Student Edition for my bachelor thesis and ran into an issue I was unable to resolve myself, maybe I didn't find the right English search terms..?

I need to use a small greek gamma with a horizontal bar above it. I know how to use accents, though, in output the bar is missing and this seems to apply for gamma ONLY. Is it just me or is it a bug maybe? I used exactly the same procedure to enter all variables.

The same problem returns when I try to add gamma to a plot label, so I think it's somehow connected.

From what I gathered so far, maybe it's possible to work around by editing some sort of Maple source code..? But I wouldn't know how to do that, so any help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance and best regards from Germany


I mean the root of the equation

GAMMA(n-1/n)*GAMMA(1/n)/(n*GAMMA(n)) = 1

belonging to RealRange(Open(1),4). It should be noticed there are solutions outside this interval. Here is my try.



solve({n > 1, GAMMA(n-1/n)*GAMMA(1/n)/(n*GAMMA(n)) = 1, n < 4}, [n])``



`in`(which*is*wrong, view*of)

simplify(eval(GAMMA(n-1/n)*GAMMA(1/n)/(n*GAMMA(n)), n = (1/2)*sqrt(5)+1/2))




Student[Calculus1]:-Roots(A = 1, n = 1 .. 4)



There is a substitute

fsolve(GAMMA(n-1/n)*GAMMA(1/n)/(n*GAMMA(n)) = 1, n = 1 .. 4)








There is a shade of hope that GAMMA(n-1/n)*GAMMA(1/n)/(n*GAMMA(n))  can be simplified.


 PS. An SCR was submitted by me.


equ1 := -l*cos(gamma)^2*(1-cos(`&beta;__f`))/(alpha^2*sin(sigma))-`&lambda;__2`*w*v^2*sin(sigma)/(g*lcos(gamma)^2) = 0

-l*cos(gamma)^2*(1-cos(`&beta;__f`))/(alpha^2*sin(sigma))-`&lambda;__2`*w*v^2*sin(sigma)/(g*lcos(gamma)^2) = 0


equ2 := -l*cos(gamma)^2*(1-cos(beta[f]))/(alpha*sin(sigma)*tan(sigma))+l*cos(gamma)^2*z__0*sin(`&beta;__f`)/(alpha*sin(sigma)*(2*l*cos(sigma)^2))-`&lambda;__1`*`#mi("L")`*sin(sigma)*cos(gamma)+`&lambda;__2`*L*cos(sigma)*cos(gamma)-`&lambda;__2`*`w&alpha;`*v^2*sin(sigma)/(g*l*tan(sigma)*cos(gamma)^2) = 0

-l*cos(gamma)^2*(1-cos(beta[f]))/(alpha*sin(sigma)*tan(sigma))+(1/2)*cos(gamma)^2*z__0*sin(`&beta;__f`)/(alpha*sin(sigma)*cos(sigma)^2)-`&lambda;__1`*`#mi("L")`*sin(sigma)*cos(gamma)+`&lambda;__2`*L*cos(sigma)*cos(gamma)-`&lambda;__2`*`w&alpha;`*v^2*sin(sigma)/(g*l*tan(sigma)*cos(gamma)^2) = 0


equ3 := l*cos(gamma)^2*sin(`&beta;__f`)*tan(sigma)/(alpha*sin(sigma)*(2*l)) = 0

(1/2)*cos(gamma)^2*sin(`&beta;__f`)*tan(sigma)/(alpha*sin(sigma)) = 0


equ4 := -`&lambda;__1`*`#mi("L")`*cos(sigma)*sin(gamma)+`&lambda;__2`*L*sin(sigma)*sin(gamma)-2*`&lambda;__2`*tan(gamma)*`w&alpha;`*v^2*sin(sigma)/(g*lcos(gamma)^2)-l*sin(2*gamma)*(1-cos(beta[f]))/(alpha*sin(sigma)) = 0

-`&lambda;__1`*`#mi("L")`*cos(sigma)*sin(gamma)+`&lambda;__2`*L*sin(sigma)*sin(gamma)-2*`&lambda;__2`*tan(gamma)*`w&alpha;`*v^2*sin(sigma)/(g*lcos(gamma)^2)-l*sin(2*gamma)*(1-cos(beta[f]))/(alpha*sin(sigma)) = 0


equ5 := L*cos(sigma)*cos(gamma)-w = 0

L*cos(sigma)*cos(gamma)-w = 0


equ6 := `#mi("L")`*sin(sigma)*cos(gamma)-`w&alpha;`*v^2*sin(sigma)/(g*l*cos(gamma)^2)



answer := solve({equ1, equ2, equ3, equ4, equ5, equ6}, {alpha, gamma, sigma, `&lambda;__1`, `&lambda;__2`, beta[f]})

Error, (in solve) a constant is invalid as a variable, gamma



how can i solve this problem?


hi  for example to calculate the following

residue((Psi(-z)+Eulergamma)^2*h(z), z = 2)



but it possible to write 

as( Psi(2)+Eulergamma(z))*h(2)+(D(h))(2)

so that 

and Psi(z)+Eulergamma== harmonicNumber(z-1)

the result must be


it is possible that Maple gives explit form of the values function avoid to calculate automatic.



I call the MeijerG function in the matlab: MeijerG([[-.3], []], [[.8, 1.3, -.8, -.3, -1.3], []], 1.), and it return an error as follows:

Error, (in evalf/MeijerG) the function is not defined: corresponding GAMMA poles must not coincide.

But when I change the first parameter from -0.3 to -1.3, I can get the result.

So, can you help to explain it? how can I fixed it?



I'm trying to set up the dirac algebra using the Physics package in maple 18. There are dirac gamma matricies (Dgamma) already specified, but I can't seem to manipulate their commutation relations. 

So I've tried building my own: 


Setup(noncommutativeprefix = {gamma});

g[1] := gamma[1]; g[2] := gamma[2]; g[3] := gamma[3]; g[4] := gamma[0];

InverseMetric := rhs(g_[`~mu`, `~nu`, matrix])

Algebra :=  (a, b) -> %AntiCommutator(g[a], g[b]) = 2*InverseMetric[a, b];

Rules := Matrix(4, 4, Algebra);

Setup(algebrarules = Rules);

Error, (in Physics:-Setup) unable to set AntiCommutator(gamma[0], gamma[1]) = 0 because, taking into account {AntiCommutator(gamma[0], gamma[0]) = 2}, we would have gamma[0] and gamma[0] anticommutative and AntiCommutator(gamma[0], gamma[0]) <> 0

It seems like Maple can't handle the Dirac Algebra? Or have I done something obviously wrong?

Any help is appreciated. 


AOA... Dear when i expand

sum(sum(binomial(n-1, i)*x^(n-i-alpha)*(-a*n)^i*c[n]*GAMMA(n-i+1)/GAMMA(n-i-alpha+1), i = 0 .. n-1), n = ceil(alpha) .. M)

for M=2 and alpha=1/2 its answer is 

-sqrt(x)*c[1]*sqrt(-(1-x)/x)*(2*x-1)/(sqrt(Pi)*(1-x))-(1/4)*c[1]*hypergeom([3/2, 2], [3], 1/x)/(x*sqrt(x*Pi))-(4/3)*x^(3/2)*c[2]*(-(2-x)/x)^(3/2)*(2*x-1)/(sqrt(Pi)*(2-x))+(2/3)*c[2]*hypergeom([3/2, 2], [4], 2/x)/(x*sqrt(x*Pi))

which is very difficulty i want its answer in Gamma form i.e.


Pl help me


I use Maple to solve dynamics of multibody systems. In the mechanical system i study, all my kinematic schemes use the parameter gamma and the project i work on, many people use the parameter gamma.

The issue is that i use the parameter gamma(t) depending of the time and if i use this parameter Maple treat this parameter as the Euler constant gamma and consequently make bad simplifications.

Is it possible to add a code lign to desactivate this...

Maple has a number of protected names that cannot be redefined without some work.

A common request is to use the letter j or J instead of the default I for the imaginary unit. Also common is to be able to use the letter I as an ordinary variable, rather than as an imaginary unit. For this, there is a very convenient interface command.






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