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Hello! I have an ideal in 12 variables. I wish to eliminate the last four. I did:

ord := lexdeg([x[9],x[10],x[11],x[12]], [x[1],...,x[8]]);

gb_myI := Basis(myI, ord);


However, the resulting Grobner basis had all 12 variables. Did I misapply the lexdeg? Or perhaps I don't quite understand the eliminnation order?

Any help or comments would be appreciated!




Hello, I´m trying to solve a system of 15 non linear equations and 8 unknown variables {r0,u0,w0,v0,q0,n0,t0,m0}, all of my equations ase symbolic with variables 10 {x,y,r,u,w,v,q,n,t,m}.

The Solve command does not work, I've been reading the other posts regarding this issue, but I don't believe they work for my case.

I would really appreciate if someone has an idea to help me solve this issue.

Im posting the worksheet with the system of 15 equations

Hello everyone,

Groebner[NormalForm] fails to produce quotients for the members of Ideal when MonomialOrder is constructed with Ore_algebra.

e.g. Groebner[NormalForm](F[1], G, T, 'Q');
results in "Error, (in Groebner:-NormalForm) numeric exception: division by zero"
if F[1] in <G> and T is MonomialOrder

But it works if we dont ask for quotients or use ShortMonomialOrder

Any ideas if it is intended behaviour or a bug?

Steps to reproduce:

Maple 11 has been out for a while now so hopefully people have it. I thought I would write a short post detailing some of what was done in the area of Groebner bases. If you run the examples in Maple 10 and Maple 11, I would appreciate it if you could post the times and the specifications of your computer.

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