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I can't for the life of me figure out how to do something which seems so simple.

I want to plot eigenvalues 2ℏ2 and 6ℏ2 with probabilities of 1/2 each on a histogram. That is, have the bottom of the histogram read the two discrete eigenvalues and the vertical axis read the probability.

How would I code this? I tried several times and got errors about the Histogram command expecting different data or being unable to interpret the input.

Thanks for helping with this seemingly simple request.

The rest of the sheet is pretty long. NN is a uniform distribution, which worked fine.

I suspect the issue is the Pi. How can I make it give me a histogram with a numerical solution instead?


I'm just doing a small project/HW for school where I am trying to create a histogram of the appearance of the digits of Pi. My problem is that I lose connection with the Maple Kernel whenever I go over 1000 digits. Why? Is this because my function scales badly? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


floor(n/10^(ceil(log10(n)-k))) mod 10;



Hello! Prompt please as in Maple can determine the distribution function of the resulting histogram distribution? I know about cdf function, but how to act in relation to the histogram do not know.


data2 := [30, 30.5, 31, 31.5, 32, 32.5, 32.6, 33, 33.1, 33.3, 33.6, 34, 35, 36];
histogram(data2, area = count);

In other words, I need smoothing the histogram, get graph and get on it to obtain an analytical expression.

I'm tryinv to find the contents of specific bins in a maple histogram. I don't find this elementary 'function' anywhere in the help.

How do I do it? Surely it's possible w/o taking a ruler to the screen...



I would like to scale the last KernelDensityPlot in the attached worksheet to overlay with the Histogram above it.  The result would look like the 3rd plot in the worksheet, except the y-axis ranges would match.





I'm having some issues with this procedure it seems to take a very long time to evaluate. There is also an error in the Histogram I can't seem to fix... Does anybody know why? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,

Gambia man

Is it possible to make scatter-histogram plots in Maple13 like these ?

I achieved the scatter-plot, but what about the additional histograms?


I have 2 sets of data and I need to plot them as histograms on the same axis(superimposed). Is it possible to do it using Maple 12? Right now I only know how to plot them in different axis.



I have a markov matrix that is 500x500. I need to take the standard deviation of the top row of this matrix after I raise it to high powers, like 10^17 by 10^12, (from a do loop.) I would also like ot make a histogram of this data too. 


Any ideas what I can do? 

Statistics:-Histogram by default choses the vertical axis such that the area under the histogram is 1 (or something like that). In my work, I invariably need to add "frequencyscale=absolute" to get the scale I need. Is there any way to make this the default? Typing this every time gets so old... I have been looking to something analogous to plots:-setoptions but that doesn't seem to exist for Statistics.



when using Statistics:-Histogram i received the following strange result for the ordinate:

Statistics:-Histogram([0.587944711e-1, 0.587944836e-1, 0.589720582e-1]);



The built-in Histogram command in the Statistics package only creates a Histogram from raw data, unfortunately. There is however a big number of situations, where you only have grouped data with intervals and their associated frequencies (probabilities) and want to plot the Histogram. Suppose that the intervals are of equal width and (indirectly) are specified from a starting point x0, a column-width named 'width' and the number of intervals given by n. Suppose the frequencies...


When I try the example of a histogram plot from the help system (under Statistics, Histogram), I get an error.

The example (entered in document mode) and error follow below.  Can someone please shed light on this?

with Statistics; with(plots):
N := RandomVariable(Normal(0, 1)):
A := Sample(N, 1000):
P := DensityPlot(Normal(0, 1), color = "Niagara Red"):
Q := Histogram(A, averageshifted = 4, style = polygon, color = "LightSlateGrey"):

I'm using Maple to simulate particle collision and interaction (absorption and scattering) and keep tracking its energy until each particle either get absorbed or leaked (Energy less than predefined minimum energy). I also use Maple statistical pacakge. I also need to call MATLAB link to generate histogram in a logarithmically spaced bin, a feature that I could not find anywhere in Maple and I think it is one of the reasons for calculation performance issue.

The problem...

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