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In the maple.ini, i defined some folders where i have put my packages.
It seems that, when I made some altercations in the maple.ini, they are not taken into account immediately.
Do you have ideas about when the update of the maple.ini is taken into account ?
And how can I force the update ? Should I restart my computer so that the update of the file is taken into account ?
Thanks a lot for your feedback.


I'm using Turkish windows on my pc. When I try to calculate some basic problem I encounter some problem on maple.

I searched on forum and I found one solution about this problem.

Solution is that "reach launch.ini file and put 'language=en' in it".

I tried this one but I couldnt manage to solve problem.

So in this point I have some question,

1.Is it matter where is I put this comment on the launch.ini file?

2.Is there any options doşng this?


Thanks in advance...

hi friends

i have a question and i could find the answer in existing questions but it was not clear at all!!!

i want to label my contours and i know that i should use lebelledcontourplot command.

But how?!
i could find an answer:

"1- First download the files located on his webpage.    It should be zipped with 3 files in it. 

2 - Unzip them and copy them into a directory which you name, probably somewhere in the maple directory named advisor.  c:\maple12\advisor

3 - Then create a maple.ini in the maple12 directory with the following line to match your directory location  
libname:= `c:/maple12/advisor`, libname:  just like on the instruction installation page."

these are my questions:

1-how can i create a maple.ini?!
2-what should i do with the file i will create?

please explain more about the third phrase and explain exactly what should i do step by step.

thanks a lot

A procedure can be made available in many worksheets by copying its original commands to each such worksheet. Is there a better way to include and invoke such a procedure in multiple worksheets?

Is there a command in maple that shows which files were read during start up? I am confused as to which maple init file is being read on my PC.  From

it says

"Under Windows, the initialization file is called maple.ini.
If <Maple>\lib\maple.ini exists, it is loaded first (where <Maple> is your Maple installation directory). With a  network installation of Maple, the commands in this initialization file will be executed by all users on the network.
To execute a user's personal set of commands, only the first initialization file in one of the following paths will be loaded.
1) The binary directory of your current working directory (for example, "c:\Program_Files\Maple\\maple.ini")
2) The <Maple>\Users directory (for example, "c:\Program_Files\Maple\Users\maple.ini")
3) The user's personal profile directory (multiuser only) (for example, "c:\Documents_and_Settings\userid\maple.ini")
Maple reads and executes the network initialization file before the personal initialization file."

How do I find out, from inside Maple, which file(s) were read? Or make maple shows a trace of the loading process to see what files ini files it is reading?

Maple 18.2 on windows. btw, the above help page seems old. I am on windows 7, and I do not have "c:\Program_Files\Maple\" folder. And do not have "c:\Documents_and_Settings" folder. So the above help is not very useful. May be it was written during windows 95 times?

I have a Mma code from a colleague that I am trying to port to Maple. This code uses a lot of Mma With[{...}, ...] constructs, to which I found the Maple "use ... in ... end use" construct the closest equivalent. What is being done is to initialize a bunch of local variables and then run the calculations. Non-initialized variables (the ones not in the first section) remain global.

I ran into a problem in Maple when I tried to initialize an element of a Vector, like "use a[1...


How can we re-initialize a multi-body system, for example a three link pendulum, based on measurements obtained from various sensors? Can we generate a modelica custom component which has inputs from various sensors and the output is the re-initialized states for the multi-body system?

Thanks for your help....

Is there a command (possibly in a package) which can help in reading parameters from ini text files like







Thanks in advance!


If I click on the "Edit Startup Code" button, key in "with DEtools;" (sans quotes), save it and close the Startup Code dialog, the "Edit Startup Code" button in the toolbar is filled (indicating startup code).

If I then close Maple and re-open it the startup code is gone.

As I thought that the startup code was for all sessions, I am wondering what I am doing wrong.

Any help appreciated.


Hey you guys!


When I open up maple 15, a few lines saying the following appears:


Error, (in with) Arccos is not a command in the grader package
Error, (in with) Arccos is not a command in the grader package
Error, (in with) Arccos is not a command in the grader package
Error, (in with) Arccos is not a command in the grader package
Error, (in with) user level initialization for package `plots' failed: Arccos is not a command in the grader package

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