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In Maple 17, the following expression needs to be integrated with respect to q3, p3 and q. Here, mu is a real, positive scalar. 

a := 1/(sqrt(mu^2+(px-p3x-q3x)^2)*sqrt(mu^2+(-p3x+qx-q3x)^2)*sqrt(mu^2+q3x^2)*(sqrt(mu^2+(-p3x+qx-q3x)^2)+sqrt(mu^2+q3x^2)))

However, the integration will not work with the "int" command (e.g. wrt q3). The indefinite integration will work if the integral is evaluated using the steps: highlight expression -> right click -> Integrate -> wrt q3 command.

The output of the integral (using the above method) is very long, it's impossible to manipulate the answer (on my i5, 8GB machine running Maple 17) because it is very tough to copy such a long output. Also, there is no way to specify that mu is a positive scalar. 

Is there a better way to perform the integration, e.g. between 0 and lambda, -1 through 1, or -infinity to +infinity?  



I use some commands like the evalf[10]

But they don't work for the definite double integral in attached file.

It leads to "Error, (in type/algfun) too many levels of recursion"

Please help me to find the answer

Thank You Very Much


hi every one, i want to plot an indefinite integral  , it is some what complex and maple can not compute the answer, ( but numeric integration can be computed) , but we want to plot the output, what should we do ? tnx for help in advance

I am not able to understand why Maple fails to compute and display the integrals for Eqn (1) and Eqn (8). I have a integral table to cross-verify the integrals for each of these in here


Also, another integral I am trying to calculate in MWE2 (attached file) in which the integral computed doesn't make any sense.


int(sqrt(x^3.(ax+b)), x)

int((x^3.(ax+b))^(1/2), x)





int(7*x^3+3*x^2+5*x, x)



int(1, x)



int(1/(x^2+1), x)



int(1/(ax^2+bx+c), x)



int(x^n, x)



int(sqrt(x(ax+b)), x)

int(x(ax+b)^(1/2), x)





i solve a dynamic problem but i get wrong answer. F (load) after 0.02 then to zero but d (displaciment) not go to zero  


How to plot an Elliptical Function of Third kind complete or incomplete, eg. EllipticPi(n,k) if n and k are not constants?

as The function I wish to plot and explore contains Elliptical Function of Third kind complete and incomplete with complicated form of n and k.

Please reply asap.


how would you interpret the solutions to this:

>int(sin(y/2)^2/(x*(x-y)*y^2), x=omega__ir*t..omega__c*t) assuming t::positive, omega__ir::positive, omega__c::positive, omega__c>omega__ir;

which leads to the expression shown in the screen shot. In particular, I'm interested in the condition for the solution to be "undefined"


If I just want to define an itegral and do not want maple to simplify it to a closed form, what should I do?

For example, I want define

s := int(exp(-x^2)*cos(2*x*y), x = 0 .. infinity).

Maple automatically simplify s to


But I want to keep s in integral form.


I want to solve the integral with respect to Gamma function but I can not obtain it by maple. the lower limit "a" is very close to zero. Please direct me. Thank you





int(exp(I*x(2-y)),[x=-infinity..infinity, y=0..2]);

how to calculate this integral? where I is imaginary part?

I am trying to evaluate the following double integral where hypergeom([x,1/2],[3/2],C) is gauss hypergeometric function 2f1. maple gives back it unevaluated. I doubt it may be due to slow convergence of hypergeometric function. 

restart; x := (1/6)*Pi; evalf(int(evalf(int(cos(x)*hypergeom([x, 1/2], [3/2], sin(x)/(r*cos(x)+k-2*r*sin(x))^2)/(r*sin(x)^2+r*cos(x)+k)^4, k = 0 .. 10)), r = 1 .. 2))

Int(Int(.8660254040*hypergeom([.5000000000, .5235987758], [1.500000000], .5000000000/(-.1339745960*r+k)^2)/(1.116025404*r+k)^4, k = 0. .. 10.), r = 1. .. 2.)





hello. how can i solve this integral. thank you

int(ln(x)^n,x)  just returns the integral

Mathematica gives

What other interventions are required to get Maple to produce an answer?


I just quickly checked Nasser Abassi to see if he's updated it for Maple 2017.  In some areas he has.  I thought I would check one of the integrals that failed for Maple in his tests.  In the Computer Algegbra independent integration tests Maple failed to solve 11.68% of the 3407 integrals in his test while Mathematica only failed 0.88%.  For Maple that seemed quite high, so it is perhaps his method of solving for Maple and perhaps he's more adept with Mathematica. 

Here is one of the failed integrals and the single line code he used to solve it.

int((5*x^2+3*(x+exp(x))^(1/3)+exp(x)*(2*x^2+3*x))/x/(x+exp(x))^(1/3),x) # of course because it failed it just spits back the integral.

Can maple solve it?

The answer is supposed to be


I need to calculate the following complex integral:

oint_C { [(z^4exp(2z)+1)/(z+i)^3] - [(z^3+z)/{(z-2i)(z-5)}] + 8*Pi*exp } dz,


Where C is the circumference |z-1| = sqrt(11/2), positively oriented.


Someone can help me, I already researched but I can not integrate.

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