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Using the Plot Component it is possible to obtain
an interactive worksheet for drawing visually plane geometry
elements, e.g. select a triangle and draw its incircle.
Do you know if such worksheets are available somewhere?

Currently, using Explore results in a new worksheet which contains all the sliders and output components.

And there is code, which makes it all "work", that gets hidden in that new worksheet. But It's very awkward to copy those Components back to the original worksheet, because of the disassociation with the working code.

If, instead of having dependent code be hidden in that new worksheet in collapsed Document blocks, all the working code were instead inlined...

I tried to carry out an advanced plotting task and I am not even sure, if Maple is able to do that.

In a Cartesian coordinate system with axis x=1..100 and y=0..1, I wanted to plot three graphs at once and have the parameters n, p and rho to be interactive.

Here are the graphs:

(1) y=1-exp(-rho*x);  #depending on x and rho

(2) y=-(1-p)^n+(p/(1-p)+1)^n*(1-p)^n+(1-p)^(n-1)*((exp(rho)*(-1+p)-p)*((exp(rho)*(-1+p)-p)/(exp(rho)*(-1+p)))^(n-1)-exp(rho...

The following commands:


DensityPlot(Binomial(100,0.5)); #with parameters n=100 and p=0.5

create a density plot of a binomial distributed random variable.

Now I want to create that plot, but have dials for the parameters n and p to interact with the plot through those dials.

How may I accomplish that?

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