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On some platforms, my editor of choice has become the aptly named Sublime Text. Unfortunately, it does not seem to have built in syntax highlighting for the Maple programming language and so I set out to write some.  In the end, I wrote enough highlighting to keep me sane when looking at Maple source, but it could use a lot more work.  So in case anyone is interested I've put what I have in a Github repository: SublimeTextMaple

If you use Sublime Text, please download it and add your own enhacements and share in turn.

I'm using Turkish windows on my pc. When I try to calculate some basic problem I encounter some problem on maple.

I searched on forum and I found one solution about this problem.

Solution is that "reach launch.ini file and put 'language=en' in it".

I tried this one but I couldnt manage to solve problem.

So in this point I have some question,

1.Is it matter where is I put this comment on the launch.ini file?

2.Is there any options doşng this?


Thanks in advance...

Some maple worksheets are created in other languages (spanish, german, french, russian, etc...) , I attempted to use google translate but it is a paid service.  There are alternate free translators however I can't seem to get any of them working using the URL package. 

I'm trying to send data to

Using similar code from my previous question with google translate we end up with a huge mess and no embedded translations in the code. 

s := "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog":
result := URL:-Get(StringTools:-FormatMessage("", s));

Any suggestions?

Just wonder if there is a way to have not think I'm in Germany. On my computer, iPad, and iPhone the website reverts to German language. My locale is west coast US. And I often search the website to learn more about using Maple. 

It's not a big issue, but if there is a way to have it remember English, I'd like to know.


Cheers, all !

every time I enter / or ^, maple automatically changed the text I entered into fraction or power, and I am having hard time enter equations normally like the way I do in graphic calculator or matlab. I am forced to type all my equations on a text pad and then copy over.

is there a way to stop maple from auto formatting my input text? I am more of a matlab guy and I really need to use symbolics and integration abilities right now, but this version of maple is making...


I want to make a program that will list the twin primes.  Is it possible to implement the isprime function in C?  I want to be able to run this program on a computer that doesn't have Maple installed.  Here is my code -

twinprimes := proc (maxnum)
local a;
description "output the twin primes less than maxnum";
printf("%12d", 3);
for a from 6 by 6 to maxnum do
if `and`(isprime(a-1) = true, isprime(a+1) = true)
then printf("%12d", a-1) end if

In case if you like notepad++  under windows, and still didn't do smth like that then this is for you

Unpack to notepad++ folder. In case if you already had had other
own language then just copy "Maple language" section.

GCD := proc (a, b) local sol, x, y, eqs, vars; vars := [x, y]; eqs := [Typesetting:-delayDotProduct(cos(x), sin(y)) = 0, y+sin(x) = b]; sol := solve(eqs, vars); sol end proc

I tried to convert this code into C, using C(GCD) and got an error message that target language may not recognize commands like solve etc., which is obvious. Please let me know if there is any way to convert procedures involving such commands into C code.

Read and write English  is a strian!

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