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Hello Members,

I've to export some Maple lines to a LaTex file. I used the Maple command "Export as" and I saved the file like a .tex file. But when I open that file, it doesn't work because my LaTex doesn't recognise the package \usepackage{maplestd2e}.

How can I do? I put also my file in the post!

Thank you :)

Hi everybody,

I face the following problem :
I develop a Maple simulation code with its own maplets-based interface, and I would like to draw up an "execution report" that presents many informations in a smart and synthetic way :

  1. a summary of the data the user provided through the interface (numerical values, files, ...)
  2. the results of some preliminary operations (ie. the construction of the equations to solve)
  3. some plots of the numerical solution (typically of an ode system)

This execution report should mix texts, plots, charts, ...
At least, I would like the report to be written in LaTeX.

I use to use the software R which provides some facilities to build reports of this kind  (packages knitr or Sweave for those who would know) , and I am wondering if there exists something comparable in Maple ?
Could the DocumentTools package (I know by name only) help me ?
More generally, if you were faced with such a problem, how would you deal with it?

As always any suggestion or advice will be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance


Whenever I export my Maple code to Latex, every line is exported twice. So the Latex code looks something like this:

\begin{Maple Normal}{
\begin{Maple Normal}{
\mapleinline{inert}{2d}{x := 3}{\[\displaystyle x\, := \,3\]}
}\end{Maple Normal}
}\end{Maple Normal}
\begin{Maple Normal}{
\mapleinline{inert}{2d}{x := 3}{\[\displaystyle x\, := \,3\]}
}\end{Maple Normal}
\mapleinline{inert}{2d}{3}{\[\displaystyle 3\]}


I would be very grateful to anyone who could offer me a solution to this issue :) 


I was posting some code on a forum tonight. I specificially added # comments to the code. I used Ctrl_c ,Crtl_v. All the # comments were removed including the 2016 grey boxes which appeared as NULL.

Is there away around this. The comments were very important to help in understanding. The pasted code did look readable though.

I also experimented with exporting the code as .txt and opening it in Word. Required loads of editing to make it look presentable, which really opend the door to introuucing errors, also all # coments were removed too.

The forum just has the normal type comments box. Nothing fancy. Actually it is a WordPress Blog. It does accept latex but that is ok for one or two lines. Could be a real mess if 30--40 lines of code go wrong and latex as far as I know can't be copy/pasted back in to Maple.


How do I insert Maple18 plots into LaTeX documents?

I have exported a maple document to latex, but it only shows the output of the commands used. Rather than the commands, and the procedures.

How do I get both to export together? and show up together?


any assistence here will be much appreciated the website gave me a zip containing the template tex and other files, but for what ever reason its not working when i copy in output using the maple to latex conversion feature from inside the interface. literally im sick of having to work outside of the maple interface but yes believe it or not this is the one thing i use to procrastinate writting a formal publication yep i really need the first one of those to get this done and dusted.

Dear All, 

I am using the comand " export as" form the file menu to obatain a latex version of my worksheet. The generated latex file use a package called amplestd2e.sty that should be loaded for latex compiler to function proper. Do somebody know where to find it. Thank you. N. Jand 

Dear All

The given Maple code can be easily converted into Latex code using "latex(.)", how can one perform reverse of it?? That, if we have latex code in proper format, can we convert it into Maple commands??


I'm trying to export a worksheet to Latex. I'm able to exprot it. But the long equations are not broken into multiple lines. I have used Mathlinebreaking width 5.0 inch in the export option. But it still does not work. I can see the linebreaking command (\\) in the tex file. But when I compile my latex code the pdf does not have any linebreak. The equation just overflows. Any help will be appreciated. 


How to make the length of underline shorter in latex ?

For example in this environment :



Thank you,



How to change the length underline in latex ?

For example in this environment :



Thank you,



Hi all,

I want to know how we can have the result which is made in Maple in Latex in a good style... I must prepare a report of it today, but when I copy the result from Maple to Latex, there're a lot of things to edit, also the results that are obtained from Maple are a lot, so it's very difficult for me to type it in Latex...

Please help me

Dear Friends

My problem is related to exporting Maple code to Latex, to be more specific I want Latex output that look exactly same as it appears in Maple worksheet like like Red Maple prompt etc.

I have found another solution to this:

"In file menu go to “Export As”, then save file in Tex format. But in order to run this Tex file you need to have files like maple2e.sty, mapleenv.sty, maplestd2e.sty, mapletab.sty, mapleenv.def, mapleplots.sty, maplestyle.sty, mapleutil.sty(all part of package maplestd2e), these all file can be copied from C:drive where maple is installed, just copy all these file to Latex folder and you can run Tex file exported from Maple."

But this do not give exactly what I want.

Please see Maple file and its exported Tex version(Not possible to upload) along with pdf output for Maple worksheet.


Why maple reorders expressions when they are exported in LaTeX? For long expressions this is very anoying!


Thank you

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