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Maple 2016 used to work fine on my PC but now it won't even load. Whenever I try to click the program I can see the loading icon next to the cursor and then nothing happens next. It works fine on my laptop and I'm using the program under a univsersity license. Yesterday I was able to open it once for some reason and now it's the same as before. I've tried uninstalling it again and again several time but that doesn't work.

Any help would be much appreaciated.

Hi, after installing Maple 2015 I installed Maplesim 2015 but the following error comes up when trying to run Maplesim:


Java Virtual Machine Launcher

Could not find the main class:

com.maplesoft.application.Launcher. Program will exit


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



Hello All,


I am running Maple 18 on Ubuntu 14.04.4 with x86_64 architecture. When running the xmaple command for a specific user, the java loading window takes about 5-10 minutes to appear. With other users, it takes around 15 seconds. All users are running the same xmaple script, I did not see and conflicting environment variables.


I was wondering if the community had any other ideas as to what could be causing this slow response?


Thank you in advance,


The installation / activation went without trouble. The problem occurs when I want to start Maple. The splash screen shows up with a blue loading bar and that's it. It just keeps loading, sometimes it gets to the end but nothing more. Taskmanager shows a CPU usage of +/- 15%. I searched the net for answers but I only found two similar situations. One was due to the java heap size and another one due to tcp/ip problems. I checked both but the problem still persists. I really need Maple for my courses and you guys are my last resort. I'm running it on win7 64bit and I tried both 32 and 64bit Maple.


If I click on the "Edit Startup Code" button, key in "with DEtools;" (sans quotes), save it and close the Startup Code dialog, the "Edit Startup Code" button in the toolbar is filled (indicating startup code).

If I then close Maple and re-open it the startup code is gone.

As I thought that the startup code was for all sessions, I am wondering what I am doing wrong.

Any help appreciated.


If you look at Maple help on Grid[Launch] command there is an example of checking the prime numbers.

I do not understand why the timingData variable is empty after specifying it in exports parameter.

When I do not specify it in the exports parameter, the timingData variable has the same value as it had before calling Launch command.


I have a problem that Maple 15 is not possible to start (process is there but GUI is not visible).

On the same computer (HP 8540w) I have the problem with Maple 14 too. The GUI is started but it is not possible to do any action in it because it does not respond.

This problem occures now. I am sure that some months ago it works properly.

If you have any suggestion I do welcome it.



Has anyone noticed Maple 15 is sometimes very slow to launch in OS X 10.7 ?


I performed the following procedure to simulate the function of Matlab soundsc(Scale data and play as sound).

N := 16000;
 t := Vector(N, i-> evalf(2*i/(N-1)) end proc);

sound1 := sin~((2*evalf(Pi)*440)*t);

aud := Create(sound1, duration = 10.0);

PlayWave := proc (data, SampleFreq)
local SoundFile;
setattribute(data, SampleFreq, 16, 1);
SoundFile := "Bflat3.wav";
Write(SoundFile, data);
process[launch](cat("sndrec32.exe ", SoundFile))

Here's what I am trying to do:

  1. I launch a Maplet from a webpage either using a local copy of Maple or over the web via MapleNet)
  2. When this Maplet iterminates I want to run a PHP (or Javascript or ...) program.

In order to do this, the web page needs to have some way to detect the termination of the Maplet. Does anyone have a way to do this?

One approach I've considered is to have a Javascript function that starts the Maplet, waits for the Maplet to terminate, then continues with it's job. But, the usual Javascript action is to start a window, after which the script continues to execute. If I could get a process ID for the window displaying the Maplet, I oculd probably have the Javascript spin its wheels until the process ID no longer exists in the list of active processes.

I can also imagine a situation where the Maplet writes a "cookie" somewhere on the client computer. Then the Javascript sits idle until it detects an appropriate trigger in the cookie. But, where to put the cookie? Is there a way to extract the directory from which Maple is run? Or, Maple's lib directory. (Within Maple I know there is the libname command. But, is there a way to send this information to a non-Maple job?

I've thought about using system (or ssystem) but the command to be executed depends on the OS of the system on which the Maplet is being executed.

I'm interested in all varieties of solutions: theoretical to complete implementations.

Thanks in advance,


After I have opened internet explorer with Maple

process[launch]("C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer/iexplore.exe")

what command do I use to close it with maple?

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