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I want to set the position of the legend inside the figure window for example say top right in the figure window. Maple chose the legend to be at right, left, top, bottom outside the figure window. How can I place the legend of my own wish?


Usually maple displays legend as either a colored line or symbol. If pointline is used in the structure of the command the plot is displayed as both point and line while the legends appear as a colored line, Is there a way in which the curve will combine both point and line and the legend(s) will be strictly point?

Thank you and kind regards

I m using the follwing commands for ploting the five differnt values of M

SDfd1 := odeplot(dsol[1], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = green, axes = box);
SDfd2 := odeplot(dsol[2], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = red, axes = box);
SDfd3 := odeplot(dsol[3], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = blue, axes = box);
SDfd4 := odeplot(dsol[4], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = black, axes = box);
SDfd5 := odeplot(dsol[5], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = pink, axes = box);
display([SDfd1, SDfd2, SDfd3, SDfd4, SDfd5], labels = ["η", "f ' (η)"],
    labeldirections = [horizontal, vertical], labelfont = [italic, 16], axes = boxed,
    axesfont = [times, 14], thickness = 3);

But i do not want in colors.....i need graph without colors in different styles. how can ? Moreover i need legend which must be in centre of graph or within the box. It must not on left, right ,up or below. can some one help ?

Hello everyone!

I want to plot few curves. I need plot legends with slected curves only. When I try to do so, I get an error saying the number of legends are less that the curves( not exact words obviously).

I am using this sample code please help me to achieve the goal.

plot([cos(x)^2, 1-(1/2)*x, x^2], x = -Pi .. Pi, legend = [typeset("Curve: ", cos(x)^2), typeset("Curve: ", 1-(1/2)*x)])

The maple file is attached here

Good morning everybody

I know this question has already been widely discussed, for example in

I used the answer Kitonum then gave because I have basically the same kind of problem.
As an illustration, here is a sketch of my coding :

N := 3:
for k from 1 to N do
   MyPlot||k := PLOT(CURVES(....)):
end do:
plots:-display(seq(MyPlot||k, k=1..N));

The only difference is that I use PLOT instead of plot ... so I have thought that using LEGEND instead of legend would give me the desired result.
But I don't understand how to use LEGEND and how to place the legend in the correct location.

I will appreciate any answer,
Thanks in advance

Hi everyone, 


I am pretty new in MAPLE and I am having trouble doing a really easy thing. 


I would like to do a plot and add a legend. 

I know how to do a plot and I succeeded but I don't know how to write the legend. I want a legend that looks like:

K__V = 0.2

I have stored in my K__V the value 0.2. How can I do that? 

I tried with legend = 'K__V' 

This is ok to write the first part, but then how do I write the second one: ' = 0.2 ' ?

Of course I don't want to write 0.2 directly but I want to write K__V in this way the legend will change according to the value of K__V. 

In MATLAB what I want to write is really easy to do: 

I hope I was clear.


Dear All

I have simple problem related to ploting of 2-D graph

What I need is listed as below:

1. How I can re-scale axes by 1/2.

2. How to give custom gap between graph and its title.

3. How to place two legends in vertical format in opposite to horizontal.

4. How to assigne custom gap between legends and graph

5. How to place label 'q[b]' on the right side of vertical axes.

f[1] := 0.6553e-2+0.61277e-1*cos(.9976156575*x)-0.3448e-2*cos(1.995231315*x)+0.164e-3*cos(2.992846972*x)



f[2] := 0.6601e-2+0.61212e-1*cos(.9878156204*x)-0.3834e-2*cos(1.975631241*x)+0.182e-3*cos(2.963446861*x)



plot([diff(f[1], x), diff(f[2], x)], x = -3.2 .. 3.2, color = ["Red", "Green"], linestyle = [solid, dash], legend = ["undistorted ( n=0.0, q=0.0)", "undistorted"], labels = [tau*``, q[b]*`\` `], labeldirections = [HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL], size = [500, "golden"], title = "Radial velocity curve of Polytropic Model of Index N=3", titlefont = ["ROMAN", 15], legendstyle = [font = ["HELVETICA", 9], location = bottom]);




A quick question, Can I add legends to 3D plots? 



(in plot3d) the legend option is not available for 3-D plots

Is there other method to replace the legend option?



To the world you may be one person,but to one person you may be the world!

i need to plot tow functions but the legend not in top, bottom, left or right 

Dear Friends

I need to arrange legends from 2 to 1.2

Please hint me



e := x*t*(E[c]-E[m])/((2*(x+2))*(x*E[c]+E[m])):
EZ := (E[m]-E[c])*((t-2*z-2*e)/(2*t))^x+E[c]:
assume(x > 0):
d := int(EZ*z^2/(-nu^2+1), z = -(1/2)*t-e .. (1/2)*t-e):
R := simplify(subs(E[c] = k*E[m], d/subs(x = 0, d))):
LS[1.2] := solid:LS[1.4] := longdash:LS[1.6] := dash:LS[1.8] := spacedash:LS[2.0] := dashdot:
for k from 1.2 by .2 to 2.0 do
p[k] := plot(R, x = 0 .. 5, color = black, axes = framed, font = [Times, 13], size = [650, 550], resolution = 1200, legendstyle = [location = right], legend = ['E[c]/E[m]' = k], linestyle = LS[k], thickness = 2, labels = ['n', 'P[FG]/P[Metallic]'], labelfont = [Times, 14], tickmarks = [10, 15])
end do:
display({`$`(p[1+.2*m], m = 1 .. 5)});



I have generated a picture using pointplot and display that creates a grid of colors based on the angle between vectors and (1,0) in R^2. Each angle is given a unique color via the HSV color space. I would like to provide a legend explaining the colour, something along the lines of

red (brown) green (blue) red
0                Pi                 2*Pi

and possibly

red       (brown)       green 
angle1                     angle2   

Is there an easy way to do this, or will I have to mess around with a custom pointplot/textplot solution?

In a plot command, how do I indicate not to show the legend ?

(I know about unchecking "show legend" with a right click, and I have searched mapleprimes.)


Thanks, all !

Hi there,
I am wondering how to print parentheses in the legend of an odeplot.

The following command

odeplot(numsolnf, [[t, CECnf(t)], [t, VECnf(t)], [t, CICnf(t)], [t, VICnf(t)]], 0..50, opts, legend = ['Extracelular urea concentration (mg/dL)', 'Extracelular urea volume (L)', 'Intracelular urea concentration (mg/dL)', 'Intracelular urea volume (L)'])

where numsolnf is the numerical solution of the equation system composed by CECnf(t), VECnf(t), CICnf(t), and
VICnf(t) produces no parentheses.

And the "Extracelular urea concentration (mg/dL)" and "Intracelular urea concentration (mg/dL)" are displayed as if the whole text was a quotient:

Extracelular urea concentration mg

Any ideas about how to solve these issues?


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