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Dear All,

I am plotting the following function using implicitplot command.:

plots[implicitplot3d]((17.31626331*M^3-(4*(z[1]-z[2])^2*M^2-1.171300684*(z[1]+z[2])^2)*(1.082266457-2*M)*(1.082266457-3*M))^2 = 4.598621420*(z[1]+z[2])^2*M*(1.082266457-2*M)^3*(4*(z[1]-z[2])^2*M^2-1.171300684*(z[1]+z[2])^2), M = 0 .. 1, z[1] = 0 .. 10, z[2] = -10 .. 0);

How can I extract data points from the plot obtained

Is the output of >polarplot command in maple12 is always in circular pattern, we cann't have rectangular boxed plot?

Dear Maple experts

I want to find the co-efficient for z^k of G(t,z)=sum_i=1^infty a_i(t) z^i where z is a function of t.



Can someone help me whith this plot? Somehow Maple always says unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region.

File is attached.

I am currently doing a project for mass transfer class. Here is a differential equation that I need to solve:

For the solution, and plug in the value of C_AS and C_A0, I finally got the concentration profile of:

Then I write the commands and Maple won't give me a plot (no warnings appeared). Can someone help me with this situation?

Having a little trouble getting Remove to work properly in Maple 12


a := "Just try to remove a letter using Maple 12's StringTools[Remove]";
                                     a := "Just try to remove a letter using Maple 12's StringTools[Remove]"

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