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I run the same notebook in Maple 2015 that I used to run in Maple 18.02.

I noticed that it no longer auto-scroll when the print messages reached the bottom of the window as it did with Maple 18.02. This means, I can't see which line the computation is at at the moment, since I can't see the last line printed (it is not visible), without me having to manually use the vertical slider to scroll down trying to catch up with it. But it is hard to do this all the time.  It starts to scroll ok until the last printed message reached the bottom of the window, but then it stops.

This is very annoying, becuase I'd like to see the messages as it is running, so I know which equation is being solved when I look at the screen.  The messages are like this, with some print message I put in the loop

memory used=0.53MiB, alloc change=0 bytes, cpu time=16.00ms, real time=7.00ms, gc time=0ns
*** loop counter 100

Is there an option one has to configure to make the screen scoll with the output? I looked but do not see one now.

I do not remember having to do anything in Maple 18.02. It seems natural that it should scroll down as messages are being displayed. This is how all apps work.  

I am using Maple 2015, windows 7, 64 bit OS and 64 bit Maple. Using Worksheet, was created in Maple 18.02. Other than this, everything else works ok so far.

Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2015.0, Windows 7, February 17 2015 Build ID 1022128

thank you

I have been having problems with using the BodePlot function with units:


R1 := 18.2*10^3*Unit('Omega');

R2 := 10^3*Unit('Omega');

C1 := 470*10^(-12)*Unit('F');

C2 := 4.7*10^(-9)*Unit('F');

# wo is in hertz

wo := 1/sqrt(R1*R2*C1*C2);

# Q is unitless

Q := wo*R1*R2*C2/(R1+R2)



sys := TransferFunction(wo^2/(s^2+wo*s/Q+wo^2));


This is the error message I got:

Error, (in Units:-Standard:-+) the units `1` and `Hz` have incompatible dimensions


I think the problem is that the BodePlot function doesn't expect 'wo' to have units.  

So I tried to work around the issue by using the loglogplot but it doesn't seem to like 

complex function even when I used abs to find the magnitude (with or without units).


 Any workaround is appreciated.


here is the code that shows the error message

are there anyone can help me a little bit and check it why?

Cannot find own answer in

via searching in my answers. Is it because original message is too old and thats why should be so?

Hey, so i guess i dont really know whats going on. I am trying to install Maple 10 on my Macbook Pro. I get an error message Uncaught exception in main method: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/crimson/parser/XMLReaderImpl when i try to open the program. Any help?


I've got a question about model integration process.

I've tried to solve quite complex mechanical model and this messages have appeared.


Computing initial conditions...
Iterate re-initialization...
CreateDataRecord: using dsolve method=rosenbrock_dae
Generating configuration 1
Integrating configuration...
Re-initializing after event at t=4.94271387307997e-009...

I'm new to Maple and am trying to solve a set of simultaneous equations. The equations have two independent variables x and T (contained within the letters "a" to "l" and "G" in code below) and 5 dependent varaibles X,Y,Z,W,V. Ultimately I want to solve for X...V with various values of x and T, but at the moment I'm struggling to get my code to work for just one x and one T value. The code I have so far is:

> solutions := solve({0 = -a*(h-Y-X-Z-V+W...

What does it mean when I get the message, "Warning, model is not of full rank"?

Thank you.

I cannot activate Maple 11 on my new MacBook.  I get the error message: Not enough activations left on this account.   As best I can recall, I installed Maple 11 twice before: on my desktop and on my laptop; the laptop has since crashed.

Might you be able to help me? 



Dear friends,


I can compute,  with Maple 14, summe1:

> summe1= sum( sum( (`if`(1 < x , 1, 0))*   x*j, x=0..2), j=0..2);


However, when I modify  summe1 to summe2, I get an error message:


> summe2= sum( sum( (`if`(1 < x+j , 1, 0))*  (x*j), x=0..2), j=0..2);


> Error, (in eval/if) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 1 < j


I'm sure there is a simple solution to my problem, but because I'm fairly new to using Maple, I can't figure out why my graph won't work. All I'm trying to do is graph a function along with its first and second derivatives within the same graph. The original function is f(x)= (2+sinx)^x2/(x2+1).

I defined the function as f and then found the first derivative by using df:=D(f...


This error has occured for me several times, and I can't seem to find any way around it.

When I make an error in either the algorithm or especially in the grading part, I sometimes get something like this:

Part 2: The character ; cannot be used in a formula.

...or some other error message. I can figure out what I've done wrong and how I might fix it, but I cannot edit the question. Whenever I click on "edit", all I get is the error message....

Some mailing systems are down.  So anyone sending a message from mapleprimes won't recieve it until the systems are back online, which could be a few days (rather quite annoying).  Other mailing systems go down at various times as well. 

Rest assured, before, as long as you could log into mapleprimes, you could message any mapleprime member and at least you knew who that person was.  As with the new primes if in your own hotmail, gmail, sympatico...

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