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Hi I have the question where i have to create a program in Maple

to find all the solutions to x^2 = -1(mod p) where 0 <= x < p . 

The progam has to be tested with different p values. 


Hi, given a, b and n such that a^x is congurent to b (mod n) how could one write a procedure to calculate x using baby step giant step method to calculate x for example i would like to be able to show that x=60 when a=3 b=64 and n=137


f:=proc(a) x->modp(a*x,256); end proc:

Determine for which values of a in Z[256] the functions f(a) are onto.

I know that I need to use evalb to check if the image and coDomain are the same. I just cannot get it to work.

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