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If I let Maple be running on the computer for a while, maybe a day or 2 or so, I almost certainly get a change of several

characters. See my favourite palette:



As you can see the eternity sign e.g changes to a big N. If I rerun the worksheet everything works ok except for the change of characters.

Not seen above: :=  changes to d



The writings in the variables palettes are overlapped. Is there any solution suggestion?


in LinearAlgebra Eigenvectors calculation.

Maple 2015 Error



So the above output startled me.  I have used the Maple Linear Algebra Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors commands many times with no problem.  Can any one explain to me what is going on.  The program correctly calculates the eigenvalues for the matrix which are all distinct for a real symmetric matrix, and thus should have three distinct non-zero eigenvectors, yet the eigenvectore command returns only zeros for the eigenvectors.  I calculated an eigenvector by hand corresponding to the eigenvalue of 1 and obtained (1, -sqrt(2)/sqrt(3), -1/sqrt(3).


So this is either a serious bug or I am going completely insane. 



wondered if anyone knows how to make proper use of the large operators pallete on the list of pallettes on the left. For example when using the contour integration symbol on the left how do you enter the delimiters. 

I always get the error: "Error, unable to match delimiters". The help on this is not useful for this case. 




Is it possible that we can add or modify new expressions in the palettes?


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