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Hello all,

I have a question regarding printing to PDF. I am using Maple 2016.1 on Mac OS Sierra. When I choose print and use "Open PDF in Preview", I get to see something like this:

As you can see, the fonts are ugly and not anti-aliased at all (and it makes no difference whether I select that option explicitly in Maple preferences or not).
I've also tried Maple 2015, and it gives the same ugly result.

As a comparison, here is an example of a similar print of the same document that I've made in 2015:

Here, the font looks much better, properly aliased this time.
I also get this result when using Maple 18 on Sierra.

I am wondering: do other people also get this ugly result? In that case, it could indicate an issue with Maple 201X and Mac OS Sierra. Unfortunately, I no longer have Mac OS X El Capitan to compare...

P.s.: If someone wishes to try: just create some text input, choose Print, Open PDF in Preview, and then zoom in on the document.

Many thanks for your reply.






X := Statistics:-RandomVariable(Normal(0, 1)):

PDF(sin(X), t)

piecewise(t <= -1, 0, t < 1, 2^(1/2)*exp(-(1/2)*arcsin(t)^2)/(Pi^(1/2)*(-t^2+1)^(1/2)), 1 <= t, 0)


int(%, t = -1 .. 1)







There were recently submitted a dozen Maple bugs by me and others. Maplesoft have brought no responses. They keep strategic silence. True merit is not afraid of criticism.


When defining a plain standard distributed stochastic variable X, and can find the probability of X <= 0.6 using the Probability function, but how can I get the value for a certain probability, as is done with the fsolve function for example below.

However, the fsolve used to defined Prev above appears to be a bad way to do it, since the Prev function can't for example plot.

Is there some build in way of doing reverse of Probability for a stocastical variable ?

Hi all,


I have have s simple graph, see figure below. I want to export it to e.g. PDF-format.

But I want landscape, not portrait. How can I export PDF to landscape?


I tried a workaround: Export it as to JPG gives very bad quality.

I simply want to export my figures to landscape with good quality.


How can I solve this?



We are running Maple16 in a virtual lab setup using Citrix, when exporting to PDF and saving the file to the local machine the PDF comes out as a 0kb file and the PDF is corrupt.  Has anyone else had an issue like this before?

Hei, I'm trying to create a random walk in the plane, with constant step length (=1) and the angle between two consecutive steps are decided by a probability density function. I just can't seem to find out how I should implement the density function into my worksheet.

The probability density function is: p(phi)=(1/4)*cos(phi/2), on the interval [-Pi,Pi].
And  I think i managed to do it by selecting a random angle, but don't know how to generate a random angle given this probability function. Any ideas? It'd be highly appreciated!

I would like to import the code from Pg 90 on in the following document into Maple. Any suggestions for doing so with minimal editing required after pasting?


I'm trying to determine that f(x) = (a/2)*e^(-a|x|) is a pdf for which I have tried to calcuate the integral from -infinity to +infinity but I am no getting a result that converges(even the wolfram alpha widget said the integral doesn't converge). How do I correcly implement this?

Starting with Maple 18, the Print to PDF feature caused the document page to be hard-aligned at the left margin of the page. Maple 2015 still seems to have this problem / bug.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Has a work-around been posted? Is a fix in the works after nearly 9 months?



Is there a way to export worksheet to pdf format but not in A4 size since some lines are going beyond the page?

When I create any plot or drawing in Maple and print to pdf, the program adds a blank space underneath the plots. How can I stop this from happening?

Example: Some code I wrote, before hitting enter

The code I wrote, before plotting the figure

After hitting enter
BTW if somebody knows how to avoid getting the extra [> I'm much obliged


And now a screenshot from the print to pdf

See the blank space which is suddenly added?! It really destroys my lay-out for my report. I think the solution must be an easy change in the settings, but I can't figure it out.


Thanks in advance



I hope you be health and happy :-)


Please send me a pdf of Maple 17, I have many problem about Maple 17, and can't ask whole of them here!!!



I want to select 'Export using shapes for greater fidelity' under option, Export. But I can't find the tab ' Export to PDF-Format'. I'm using Maple 18 on a Mac-computer. 

Can anyone help?




Is there a way to tell Maple to export a figure to PDF with a proper bounding box, like all of its other graphics export formats?

To export a graphics produced by Maple's plot(), I right-click on the plot, select Export, and then one of the several choices of graphics formats.  All options, other than the PDF, work fine—they produce graphics files whose bounding boxes correspond to the extents of the image.  Exporting to PDF misbehaves—it produces the equivalent of a 8.5''x11'' paper and inserts the graphics somewhere near the upper left corner.  I am absolutely at a loss to see the utility of that.  What in the world is the use of such an export?

Is there a configuration setting that tells Maple to save to PDF with a proper bounding box?  I looked around but couldn't find one.


What can i do to prevemt maple from resizing my drawings and inserting empty space beneath drawings?

It happens when i export to pdf or print the document out.

Is there any other way i can export to a readable format without this happening?

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