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Dear all,


I am trying to put labels for my axis and I use typeset to do that.

The code is:

plot(10^10*x, x = 0 .. 5,labels = ["x", typeset(10^10*Delta*z)],labeldirections = ["horizontal", "vertical"])

The problem is that  I get a label like below:

I mean it is not typed as 10^{10}, but 10000000000!!!

Can anyone help me in changing this to 10^10?

I don't recall ever changing any settings in my copy of Maple 16. But for some reason, I tried to make a plot and it spit out line-printed output rather than a regular plot.

How do I change this back? I have no use for line-printed output.

plot([E1(x), E2(x), E3(x)], x = 0 .. 5, title = "Nitrogen Nucleus Second-Order Energy Shifts")

                  Nitrogen Nucleus Second-Order Energy Shifts                 
  +                                                                     HHHHH
6e-08                                                               HHHHH     
  +                                                            HHHHHH         
4e-08                                                     HHHHHH              
  +                                                  HHHHHH                   
  +                                           HHHHHHH                         
2e-08                                  HHHHHHHH                               
  +                           HHHHHHHHHH                                      
  +             HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH                                               
0 +              1    HHHHHHHHHH2HH           3              4              5
  +                               HHHHHHHHH                                   
-2e-08                                    HHHHHHHH                            
  +                                              HHHHHHH                      
-4e-08                                                 HHHHHH                 
  +                                                         HHHHHH            
  +                                                              HHHHH        
-6e-08                                                                HHHHH   
  +                                                                       HHH







Dear all,

I am making a plot, which is Delta z/Delta t vs. z.

but in labeling maple prints z/t, because it simplifies Delta  !

You can find my worksheet below.

Could any of you help me with this please?

Thanks in advance!

DzDt := z^2; -1; plot(DzDt, z = 0 .. 4, labels = [z, typeset(Delta*z*(1/(Delta*t)))])







How to solve this problem? I want to display plot of differential equation system

this download link my problem

Thank you :)

how can i draw the plot of solution of Runge–Kutta methods

Suppose I want to revolve the curve given in the (X,Y)-plane by the set of parametric equations

x(t) = cos(t) + t sin(t)

y(t) = sin(t) - t cos(t)


for t in [0,Pi/2] around the X-axis. How can I plot the given surface of revolution? Similarly, the same question for

x(t) = exp(t)*cos(t)

y(t) = exp(t)*sin(t)


for t in [0,Pi/2]

How to plot an Elliptical Function of Third kind complete or incomplete, eg. EllipticPi(n,k) if n and k are not constants?

as The function I wish to plot and explore contains Elliptical Function of Third kind complete and incomplete with complicated form of n and k.

Please reply asap.


If I make a single plot it will always be located in the centre of the worksheet. Is there an option to place it at the left border?


 Dear Maple users,

In Maple 18, I want to  label y axis as $\hat{\sigma}_y$.

labels = [x, sigma[y]] works fine but I have no idea how to put a hat on sigma[y] .



When we first started trying to use Maple to create a maple leaf like the one in the Canada 150 logo, we couldn’t find any references online to the exact geometry, so we went back to basics. With our trusty ruler and protractor, we mapped out the geometry of the maple leaf logo by hand.

Our first observation was that the maple leaf could be viewed as being comprised of 9 kites. You can read more about the meaning of these shapes on the Canada 150 site (where they refer to the shapes as diamonds).

We also observed that the individual kites had slightly different scales from one another. The largest kites were numbers 3, 5 and 7; we represented their length as 1 unit of length. Also, each of the kites seemed centred at the origin, but was rotated about the y-axis at a certain angle.

As such, we found the kites to have the following scales and rotations from the vertical axis:


1, 9: 0.81 at +/- Pi/2

2, 8: 0.77 at +/- 2*Pi/5

3, 5, 7: 1 at +/-Pi/4, 0

4, 6: 0.93 at +/- Pi/8

This can be visualized as follows:

To draw this in Maple we put together a simple procedure to draw each of the kites:

# Make a kite shape centred at the origin.
opts := thickness=4, color="#DC2828":
MakeKite := proc({scale := 1, rotation := 0})
    local t, p, pts, x;

    t := 0.267*scale;
    pts := [[0, 0], [t, t], [0, scale], [-t, t], [0, 0]]:
    p := plot(pts, opts);
    if rotation<>0.0 then
        p := plottools:-rotate(p, rotation);
    end if;
    return p;
end proc:


The main idea of this procedure is that we draw a kite using a standard list of points, which are scaled and rotated. Then to generate the sequence of plots:

shapes := MakeKite(rotation=-Pi/4),
          MakeKite(scale=0.77, rotation=-2*Pi/5),

          MakeKite(scale=0.81, rotation=-Pi/2),
          MakeKite(scale=0.93, rotation=-Pi/8),
          MakeKite(scale=0.93, rotation=Pi/8),
          MakeKite(scale=0.81, rotation=Pi/2),
          MakeKite(scale=0.77, rotation=2*Pi/5),
          plot([[0,-0.5], [0,0]], opts): #Add in a section for the maple leaf stem
plots:-display(shapes, scaling=constrained, view=[-1..1, -0.75..1.25], axes=box, size=[800,800]);

This looked pretty similar to the original logo, however the kites 2, 4, 6, and 8 all needed to be moved behind the other kites. This proved somewhat tricky, so we just simply turned on the point probe in Maple and drew in the connected lines to form these points.

shapes := MakeKite(rotation=-Pi/4),

          MakeKite(scale=0.81, rotation=-Pi/2),
          MakeKite(scale=0.81, rotation=Pi/2),
          plot([[0,-0.5], [0,0]], opts):
plots:-display(shapes, scaling=constrained, view=[-1..1, -0.75..1.25], axes=box, size=[800,800]);

Happy Canada Day!

I am computing some finite points in the plane. Then I'm using point style plot to plot them. My points have order and I want to conncet the i-th point to the (i+1)-th point with a line segment. I searched the help but I didn't figure out how to do it. Is it possible to do this in Maple?

How to label in inline math mode. I tried labels = ['theta', Typesetting:-Typeset(cos(1/theta)/sqrt(1-theta^2))] which gives a big expression on Y axis spreaded in two lines. But i want to label one line as in latex $\cos(1/\theta)/sqrt(1-\theta^2))$ . Is there a way to do it ?

I would like to look at a 3d plot including an condition about the tree variables of the plot

For this simple case, I only want to see the plot with the condition that 
{40 < y, x < y-40, z < y-40} or {x = 0, y = 40, z <= 0}, {y = x+40, 0 < x, z < x}, {y = x+40, z = x, 0 < x}

. Is that possible? 

In 2d there is no problem. And in 3d I do not know how.

how can i plot tangent function without its Asymptote on kPi/2s ? actuallt i want to plot without its vertical Asymptote, could anybody help? tnx


plot(tan(x),x=-2*Pi..2*Pi,style = line,color = "Blue",legend = "tangent Plot",axes=boxed,gridlines);





What is the Maple Formula for the Excel function: =WEIBULL.DIST(A1,2,6.2,FALSE)

where A1..A26 is 0..26  ?  How do I plot it?

Thank you, Les

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