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Currently working on Fourier series. Having trouble plotting the graph of the Fourier series and would love to add and use a package such as the one found here: . I'm having trouble installing and using the package, though. Could anyone be so kind as to assist me in adding and using packages not already found in Maple?

I want to highlight the intersection between 2 graphs; pp(m,a) and the plane m=-0.2

PP := .8707945038*exp(-50.00000000*(m-0.842e-1)^2+(2.745342070*(m-0.842e-1))*(a-2.3722)-.1046792095*(a-2.3722)^2)

How can I do that?

Thank you

With this app you will be able to interpret the curvatures generated by two position vectors, either in the plane or in space. Just enter the position vectors and drag the slider to calculate the curvature at different times and you will of course be able to observe its respective graph. At first I show you how it is developed using the natural syntax of Maple and then optimize our
 app with the use of buttons. App made in Maple for engineering students. In spanish.


Lenin Araujo Castillo

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I experience an issued with a 3d plot. This is my code and I get: "Warning, expecting only range variables [H[s], H[j]] in expression eq to be plotted but found name eq." as a return from Maple.


eq = c[1]-abs(H[s])^2*sigma^2/abs(H[j])^2;

c[1] := 2;

c[2] := 4;

sigma := 1;

tmp := plot3d(eq, H[s] = .1 .. 2, H[j] = 0 .. 5, view = 0 .. 8,

axes = boxed, labels = [H[s], H[j], P[j]],

filled = [style = surface, transparency = .2]); plots:-display(tmp, view = 0.1e-1 .. 8)

With this application you will learn the beginning of the study of the vectors. Graphing it in a vector space from the plane to the space. You can calculate its fundamental characteristics as triangle laws, projections and strength. App made entirely in Maple for engineering students so they can develop their exercises and save time. It is recommended to first use the native syntax then the embedded components. In Spanish.

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Lenin Araujo Castillo

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Display only the +'ve xyz axis, and also display +'ve axis as a different color than the negative axis.

I'm trying to figure out how to plot the following: if I have a region G in R^2, and two functions f <= g on G, I would like to plot the projection on the XY-plane in say one colour and the volume between f and g in another. For example, consider G the region between the parabolae y=x^2 and y=2-x^2, and f(x,y) = x+y+4 and g(x,y) = 25-x^2-y^2, just to name something. I'd also prefer the plot to be easy adaptable to other functions, e.g. with a different region G, different function descriptions for f and g but also, if possible, projection on one of the other two coordinate planes. Is there an easy way to do this?

I wonder - would it be possible to automate the following way of adding a legend to plots? If so - how?

plot([f(x), g(x), 7], legend = ['f(x)' = f(x), 'g(x)' = g(x), y = 7]);

In my opinion such a legend makes the plot much more readable - but most students (and others) will usually be too lazy to type this out, hence the wish for it be to automated.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Although i can evaluate speed, displacement and accelleration, i can't plot these functions.

The error message is:

What am i doing wrong in my definitions?

Thank you in advance.



v := proc (t) options operator, arrow; Units:-Simple:-`*`(Units:-Simple:-`*`(Units:-Simple:-tanh(Units:-Simple:-`*`(Units:-Simple:-`+`(Units:-Simple:-`*`(Units:-Simple:-`*`(t, Units:-Simple:-sqrt(F)), Units:-Simple:-sqrt(c)), Units:-Simple:-`*`(Units:-Simple:-arctanh(Units:-Simple:-`*`(Units:-Simple:-`*`(v__0, Units:-Simple:-sqrt(c)), Units:-Simple:-`/`(Units:-Simple:-sqrt(F)))), m__0)), Units:-Simple:-`/`(m__0))), Units:-Simple:-sqrt(F)), Units:-Simple:-`/`(Units:-Simple:-sqrt(c))) end proc:




F := 2800.0*Unit('N')


c := .7*Unit('kg'/'m') 


m__0 := 1400*Unit('kg') 


v__0 := 10*Unit('m'/'s')

v__e := v(120*Unit('s')) 

t__0 := 0*Unit('s')



v__e = 63.19906538*Units:-Unit(m/s)"(->)"63.199*Units:-Unit(m/s)



a := proc (t) options operator, arrow; Units:-Simple:-`*`(Units:-Simple:-`*`(F, Units:-Simple:-`+`(1, Units:-Simple:-`-`(Units:-Simple:-`^`(Units:-Simple:-tanh(Units:-Simple:-`*`(Units:-Simple:-`+`(Units:-Simple:-`*`(Units:-Simple:-`*`(t, Units:-Simple:-sqrt(F)), Units:-Simple:-sqrt(c)), Units:-Simple:-`*`(Units:-Simple:-arctanh(Units:-Simple:-`*`(Units:-Simple:-`*`(v__0, Units:-Simple:-sqrt(c)), Units:-Simple:-`/`(Units:-Simple:-sqrt(F)))), m__0)), Units:-Simple:-`/`(m__0))), 2)))), Units:-Simple:-`/`(m__0)) end proc:


a__e := a(120*Unit('s'))


a__e = 0.2939066600e-2*Units:-Unit(m/s^2)"(->)"0.29391e-2*Units:-Unit(m/s^2)


"`s__a`(t):=(&int;)[`t__0`]^t(tanh((tau sqrt(F) sqrt(c)+arctanh((`v__0` sqrt(c))/(sqrt(F))) `m__0`)/`m__0`) sqrt(F))/(sqrt(c)) &DifferentialD;tau:"


s__e := s__a(120*Unit('s'))


s__e = 6497.492630*Units:-Unit(m)"(->)"6497.5*Units:-Unit(m)



v(2*Unit('s')) = 13.85629668*Units:-Unit(m/s)"(->)"13.856*Units:-Unit(m/s)





Vektor für Weg, Geschwindigkeit und Beschleunigung:


Z(120*Unit('s')) = Matrix(%id = 4626704194)NULL

















I am wondering how we can edit a diagram plotted in maple. for example in I want name tips of diagram as "a", "b",.... and write them besides the tips on diagram.

Another question is how we can make color different parts of a single diagram by various colors? for example in above diagram we want make blue vertical line, make green horizontal line and make black the curve line?

Thanks a lot


is there a way to control the way axes tickmark numbers are formated, especially number of decimal places? I have 3 consecutive plot comands with the same options for similar functions in the same x range (and similar y range) and the thickmarks on each plot have differently formated numbers on axes:





in each case I'm calling:

plot(func..., opt2d, labels = [x, U...])

the opt2d are:

fntsz2 := 14;
opt2d := (x = 90 .. 160, size = [500, 200], font = ["Arial", fntsz2], labelfont = ["Arial", fntsz2], labeldirections = [horizontal, vertical]);

I'd like to get all the plots formatted like in the 3rd case: x axis: ticks starting at min (90), numbers rounded to integers; y axis: "0" before decimal point, 2 decimal places.




I have an two arrays of elements Op1[i,j] with -5 <= i,j <= 5 and Op2[i,j] with 5<=i,j<= 35 . When I use surfdata like


it produces a plot with both the range of Op1 and Op2 between 0 and 1 (see Fig1).

I tried surfdata({0p1,Op2},-5..35,-5..35) but this only gave the range of the figure from -5 to 35, -5 to 35 but with both plots scaled so that they cover the whole range(see Fig2).

How do i make surfdata use different ranges on the same plot for both arrays?

I found from this forum that to plot a 2D array of points use can be made of the Maple procedure surfdata.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to plot contours in (preferrably) Maple 16 or Maple 17?

I tried the following

Output := Array(-10 .. 10, -10 .. 10, proc (i, j) options operator, arrow; i^2+j^2 end proc):
F := proc (x, y) -> x^2+y^2 end proc:
surfdata(Output, color = F, dimension = 2);

but "the option dimension = 2" is a Maple 18 addition.

Ideally, I would like also to be able to plot contours with options found in the procedure

Hello every body i need help with my program. how can i plot r&s versus each other?




with(PDEtools, casesplit, declare)

[casesplit, declare]


with(DEtools, gensys)



declare((Omega, H)(z));

Omega(z)*`will now be displayed as`*Omega


H(z)*`will now be displayed as`*H


`&epsilon;` := -1



h := 70



r := 0.3e-3



n := 42





ode1 := -(diff(Omega(z), z))+Omega(z)*((3*(1-2*`&epsilon;`*h*sqrt(r)/H(z)-Omega(z)+2*Omega(z)^(3/2)/(3*n)))*(1+h*`&epsilon;`*sqrt(r)/sqrt(h^2*r+H(z)^2*(1-2*`&epsilon;`*h*sqrt(r)/H(z))))-2*sqrt(Omega(z))/n)/(1+z) = 0:

ode2 := -(diff(H(z), z))-(3*H(z)*(1/2))*(1-2*`&epsilon;`*h*sqrt(r)/H(z)-Omega(z)+2*Omega(z)^(3/2)/(3*n))*(1+h*`&epsilon;`*sqrt(r)/sqrt(h^2*r+H(z)^2*(1-2*`&epsilon;`*h*sqrt(r)/H(z))))/(1+z) = 0:

q := -1+(3/2*(1-2*`&epsilon;`*h*sqrt(r)/H(z)-Omega(z)+2*Omega(z)^(3/2)/(3*n)))*(1+h*`&epsilon;`*sqrt(r)/sqrt(h^2*r+H(z)^2*(1-2*`&epsilon;`*h*sqrt(r)/H(z)))):


sys := {ode1, ode2}

ics := {H(0) = h, Omega(0) = .77}:
sol := dsolve(`union`(sys, ics), numeric, output = listprocedure, stiff = true):``






r2 := q+2*q^2+(1+z)*(diff(q, z)):



s := (r2-1)/(3*(q-1/2)):












Hi everyone,


I am trying to plot the standard map equations which is defined by

p_{n+1}=p_{n}+k sin x_{n}  (mod 2pi)
x_{n+1}=x_{n}+p_{n}+k sin x_{n} (mod 2pi).


Is there is any simple code for plotting this map in Maple? 

Thank you in advance.

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