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I am computing some finite points in the plane. Then I'm using point style plot to plot them. My points have order and I want to conncet the i-th point to the (i+1)-th point with a line segment. I searched the help but I didn't figure out how to do it. Is it possible to do this in Maple?

I am plotting a pair of lists of points using

pointplot(Listap, Listbp, symbol = point, symbolsize = 1, size = [1200, 1200])


How could is do this with plot so I can add colours? Along the lines Listap(i)^2+Listbp(i)^2 =R, R is in the range 0..1,then colour =R*256 or any other imaginative way of adding colour.








z := (m+I*n)/(p+I*q)



g := proc (z) options operator, arrow; (z-I)/(z+I) end proc;

proc (z) options operator, arrow; (z-I)/(z+I) end proc


bz := simplify(evalc(Im(z)));



a := simplify(evalc(Re(g(z))));



b := simplify(evalc(Im(g(z))));



"  r:=15;   Lista:=Vector();  Listb:=Vector();  j:=1;  for m from -r to r do   for n from -r to r do   for p  from -r to r do   for q from -r to r do  if p<>0 and q<>0 and m^2-2 m q+n^2+2 n p+p^2+q^2<>0 and bz>=0 then  Lista(j):=a; Listb(j):=b;  j:=j+1;  end if;  end do:  end do;  end do;  end do:  j; :"








pointplot(Lista, Listb, symbol = plottools:-point, symbolsize = 1, size = [1200, 1200])







Dear hope you will be fine I want to represent the data in term of solid line not dotted, asterik etc of the following code. Please help me to fix this problem


restart; epsilon := 0; Pr := 1; beta := .1; Sc := 1; S := 0; L := 15;
for i from -L while i <= L do a[i] := 1.0*i/L end do;
for i2 from -L while i2 <= L do fw := a[i2]; Eq1[i2] := eval(diff(F(eta), eta, eta, eta)+F(eta)*(diff(F(eta), eta, eta))-(diff(F(eta), eta))^2+S*(epsilon-(diff(F(eta), eta)))+epsilon^2); Eq2[i2] := eval((diff(G(eta), eta, eta))/Pr-G(eta)*(diff(F(eta), eta))+F(eta)*(diff(G(eta), eta))); Eq3[i2] := eval(diff(H(eta), eta, eta)+Sc*(F(eta)*(diff(H(eta), eta))-beta*H(eta))); IC[i2] := F(0) = a[i2], (D(F))(0) = 1, (D(F))(L) = epsilon, G(0) = 1, G(L) = 0, H(0) = 1, H(L) = 0; dsys1[i2] := {Eq1[i2], Eq2[i2], Eq3[i2], IC[i2]}; dsol1[i2] := dsolve(dsys1[i2], numeric, output = listprocedure, range = 0 .. L); dsol1x[i2] := subs(dsol1[i2], diff(F(eta), eta, eta)); dsol1y[i2] := subs(dsol1[i2], G(eta)); dsol1z[i2] := subs(dsol1[i2], H(eta)) end do;
for j from -L while j <= L do g[j] := eval(-dsol1x[j](0)) end do;

g1 := pointplot({seq([n/L, g[n]], n = -L .. L)}, symbol = asterisk, symbolsize = 15, color = blue);

dear all,

how can I plot


in (u,v)-plane

where x from 0..1


I wote a command that creates a plot with a single point:

plots[pointplot](a*[1, 1])

Before hitting Enter I called the context menu and chose Explore. As I change the parameter a the point remains fixed in the picture but the scales change. I wanted the opposite: the scales should stay fixed and the point should move. How can I do this using Explore or in some other way? I would like to see the point move as I drag a slider control.

Thanks for the help.


Dear Community,

I generate two vectors and try to plot them one vs. the other ( ZPLOT vs. PREDS )  with the pointplot command. Unfortunately I get the message "points are not in the correct format" ... Probably a minor error, but it is unclear what format Maple expects here? What do I do wrong?

Tx. for the kind help in advance,

best regards


P.S. Maple file attached


I have some points that i have plotted thanks to the function pointplot.

Is it possible to add tags next the points (like it is possible in Excel) ?

Of course, I have a vector with the definition of the contents of the tags that I would like to add.


Thanks a lot for your help


Is there an option/ or a way so as to ask pointplots to plot a interpolated curve for the points defined ?

Thank you for you help.

Hi Maple People


# Some Maple code
x:= Vector(10):
y:= Vector(10):

for z from -5 to 4 do
   x[z+6]:=z^2 + 40:
   y[z+6]:=z^2 + z + 41:
end do:





Good Morning,

This is the script that I have used to to an integration, as the command ''int'' didn't work because the coputation was really heavy.

p_old := 0;

g := 0; #index

E_tot_net_Point := 0;

for g to 2 do

 h := g+1;

 loopstart := SP_time[g];

 loopend := SP_time[h];

  for tt from loopstart by 0.01 to loopend do

   t := tt;

   P_tot_net_Fkt := t -> C_motore[g]*omega_motore[g]

if t≠SP_time[g] and t ≠ SP_time[h] then

 P_tot_net_Point := P_tot_net_Fkt(t);

 P_tot_net_Point_next := P_tot_net_Fkt(t+0.001);

 plt_P_tot_net_plt[t] := pointplot([t, P_tot_net_Point]);

 E_tot_net_Point := E_tot_net_Point+(P_tot_net_Point*0.01);

 plt_E_tot_net_plt[t] := pointplot([t, E_tot_net_Point]);

 p_old := P_tot_net_Point;

end if;      

  end do:

end do:

plots:-display(entries(plt_E_tot_net_plt, 'nolist'), title = "Energy", color = "Red", symbol = point, symbolsize = 20, gridlines = true, size = [1000, 500], labels = ['[s]', '[Watt*s]'], font = [axes, 12])

I have plotted the function as a series of points over the orizontal axis (t).


Now I would like to calculate the last value of the curve (which is itself a point) as a function of the orizontal axes t. How can I do it?

Something like E_tot_net_Point = f(t)


Thank you for the help


Hello, i am doing some schmidt-analysis on a stirling engine, but my question is rather simple. I have the measured presure P at a given time T as a 229x2 matrix, i also have a function, V__total(T), for the total volume of the engine at a given time T. 

I then go on to create a pointplot PV, which is rougly the shape of a potato. I now want to find the area enclosed by this point plot, is there any way? 

I do something like:

> DATA:=ImportMatrix(filepath,skiplines=1); %import data from .txt file, skip header line. 

>P:=DeleteColumn(DATA,1); %Isolate presure column

>T:=DeleteColumn(DATA,2); %Isolate time coliumn

>V:=V__total~(T); %Generate volume vector as a function of time T


Is there any wat to finde the area enclosed by the curve/ Int(P,V)

I want to paste a list of points generated by another program into a maple worksheet. 

However, when I paste the list of points into the Maple worksheet, I get a command prompt after each defined point in the list.  Whereby, the executable code will not run.

I need a way to paste the list of points into the worksheet without any command prompts.  Is there a special entry mode?  


Here's the list of points I want to paste into the worksheet:










Below is the worksheet code that I want to paste the list of points.

However, when I paste the list of points within the "pointPlot3D" function -- I get a command prompt after each defined point in the list of points.  (So 30 points gives 30 command prompts.)  Whereby, when this code is executed, there is an error.    What I need is a means to paste this list of points into the worksheet WITHOUT the command prompts showing up. 


> with(geom3d):

> with(plots):

> sphere1:=(x,y,z,R)->[x+R*cos(phi)*cos(theta),y+R*cos(phi)*sin(theta),z+R*sin(phi)]:

> Explore(display(        


               scaling = constrained, axes = boxed, style=wireframe, labels=[x,y,z],                


> [
> [20,0,0],
> [20,4,0],
> [19,8,0],
> [17,11,0],
> [14,14,0],
> [11,17,0]

> ],

               symbol=circle,symbolsize=10)  ),        

       parameters=[Rp=3..20],         initialvalues=[Rp=20] );


is it possible to use an animated zoom on a pointplot?

I used the view option (view = [-t .. t, -t .. t]) and animated the t value in a sequence, but it did not work.

kind regards,

Harry Garst


Hi there,


I'm relativly new to maple and right now I'm trying to plot a couple of points (as part of a TSP-Solution) by doing the following:


p := [[565,575],[685,595],[700,580],[770,610]];

pointplot(p, connect=true);


Unfortunately it doesn't number the points. What I'm trying to do is that the above four points have a number or an index so I can see which point is where. 


Is there a way to do this?



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