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Suppose that I have an expression of the form  eq:=a*x^2+b*y^2+c*x*y, where x,y are real numbers, a>0, b<0, and c>0. Is there a relatively simple way to separate the positive, negative, and indeterminate terms from such an expression. In other words, I want to get  





I want to solve for the roots of a polynomial, such as a x^2+b x + c = 0, for which the output is only the positive root. All coefficients/variables in the polynomial are positive. 

Recently, someone posted an answer to a question where at some point they performed this task and their solution was really slick. But I can't find it. The answer used either solve, or eval or something like that. (Yes, I did perform a search via the MaplePrimes search before asking this question.) 


Dear all,

I wold like to find the solution of the next system of two equations with three unknowns but we assume that the unknows are positive integers. How the following code can work. Many thanks




> restart;
> assume(J, integer, J >= 0);
> assume(A, integer, A >= 0);
> assume(T, integer, T >= 0);
> eq1 := J+10*A+50*T=500;
   eq2 := J+A+T = 100;
  solve( {eq1,eq2},{J,A,T}); i can chose a minimum and positive answer of different answer in solve rule...

my program attached below.for example at this , the second answer should be selected as 1.965392881*10^9 ,that is the minimum and posetive among other...

thanks alot

Hi, i'm trying to solve the simultaneous equations,

a[1]:=2*x^2 + 3*x^2 + x*y - x^2 + x;

a[2]:=3*y^2 + 4*x^2 - y;


Even though y can be 0 it can also be 1/3 and two other complex numbers.

How do you get fsolve to show all four y solutions.

Secondly, how would i get maple to just to show the positive y solution ie. 1/3 only.

Using the fsolve commmand how does one solve for just the positive solutions and remove the dublicate values?






`assuming`([simplify(-(-2*N__1*`&omega;__2`*`&omega;__1`^2*lambda-8*N__2*lambda^3*`&omega;__2`-(4*N__1^2*lambda^2*`&omega;__1`^2*`&omega;__2`^2+16*N__1*N__2*lambda^4*`&omega;__2`^2+N__1*N__2*`&omega;__1`^2*`&omega;__2`^4+4*N__2^2*lambda^2*`&omega;__2`^4)^(1/2)*`&omega;__1`)/(4*N__1*lambda*`&omega;__1`^2*`&omega;__2`+16*N__2*lambda^3*`&omega;__2`), 'size')], [all, positive])



`assuming`([combine((1/4)*(4^(1/2)*((N__1*lambda^2+(1/4)*N__2*`&omega;__2`^2)*`&omega;__2`^2*(N__1*`&omega;__1`^2+4*N__2*lambda^2))^(1/2)*`&omega;__1`+2*lambda*`&omega;__2`*(N__1*`&omega;__1`^2+4*N__2*lambda^2))/(lambda*`&omega;__2`*(N__1*`&omega;__1`^2+4*N__2*lambda^2)), 'size')], [N__1 > 0, N__2 > 0, `&omega;__1` > 0, `&omega;__2` > 0, lambda > 0])







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