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I'm trying project a plane onto a surface. Is there a direct command to do this?. There is a command to project a surface onto a plane but i need the oposite. Thanks!

It appears google doesn't know about the haversine formula.  Huh?  Well at least google can't draw the proper path for it.  I typed in google "distance from Pyongyang to NewYork city"  and got 10,916km.  Ok that's fine but then it drew a map

The map path definitely did not look right.  Pulled out my globe traced a rough path of the one google showed and I got 13 inches (where 1 inch=660miles) -> 8580 miles = 13808 km .. clearly looks like google goofed. 

So we need Maple to show us the proper path.

m := WorldMap();
AddPath(m, [-74.0059, 40.7128], [125.7625, 39.0392]):

Ok so you say that really doesn't look like the shortest path.  Well, lets visualize that on the globe projection

Display(m, projection = Globe, orientation = [-180, 0, 0])

Ah, now it is clear


If I was to project a squared profile onto a cylinder. Would mable be able to help me calculating the area that is projected onto the cylinder?

Since the cylinder walls are curved I assume that the are projected on to the curved surface which is the wass of the cylinder is bigger then side*side.


In the link I tried to sketch the "problem" the red square represent the area I want to project onto the cylinder.



Good evening,
I know the plot package and use frequently, but the basics. Now I need to make a curve that looks like an " umbrella " and it appears the projection in the xy plane . I don't know if it's possible , but I'm not getting . Does anyone have any idea to help me ? Thank you!

Hello, I have the system of equations in many vars as below, I want to make an implicit plot in Maple with the projection on 3 vars, for example, in this case (x,y,t1). The range is x[-10,10], y[-10,10], t1[-Pi,Pi] and the rest of the vars are [-Pi,Pi]. Does anyone know how to do it? We have also the inequalities in the system.


f1:= cos(t1)+1.35*cos(p1)-x;

f2:= sin(t1)+1.35*sin(p1)-y;

f3:= cos(t2)+1.35*cos(p2)-x +1.15;

f4:= sin(t2)+1.35*sin(p2)-y;

f5:= cos(t3)+1.35*cos(p3)-x+0.575;

f6:= sin(t3)+1.35*sin(p3)-y +0.995;

f7:= cos(t1)*cos(t2)*cos(t3)*sin(p1)*sin(p2)*sin(p3)-cos(t1)*cos(t2)*sin(t3)*sin(p1)*sin(p2)*cos(p3)-cos(t1)*sin(t2)*cos(t3)*sin(p1)*cos(p2)*sin(p3)+cos(t1)*sin(t2)*sin(t3)*sin(p1)*cos(p2)*cos(p3)-sin(t1)*cos(t2)*cos(t3)*cos(p1)*sin(p2)*sin(p3)+sin(t1)*cos(t2)*sin(t3)*cos(p1)*sin(p2)*cos(p3)+sin(t1)*sin(t2)*cos(t3)*cos(p1)*cos(p2)*sin(p3)-sin(t1)*sin(t2)*sin(t3)*cos(p1)*cos(p2)*cos(p3);

f8:= cos(t1)*sin(p1)-sin(t1)*cos(p1) >= 0;

f9:= cos(t2)*sin(p2)-sin(t2)*cos(p2) >= 0;

f10:= cos(t3)*sin(p3)-sin(t3)*cos(p3) >= 0;

Here we see the projection of a vector onto another using different concepts ranging from linear algebra to vector calculus. Implemented components thus seen in three-dimensional space.

(in spanish)

L.Araujo C.


On my multibody model, I meet a mistake during the simulation which is the following :

"Constraint projection failure at 10s".

1) Do you have a idea on this error message so as to correct the settings for the simulation?

2) I would like to know more about the projection method. If, I'm not wrong, there is not a lot of documentation about the projection method used in Maplesim. 

   a) Does someone have some references (scientific papers) which present the theory used for the projection method in Maplesim?

   b) In ths sense, I would be very interesting about learning the theory of the projection method in order to be able to tune correctly the following options linked to the projection method :

- Projection Iterations
- Projection Tolerance
- Event Projection
- Event Iterations
- Event Hysteresis

Thanks a lot for your help.

After I've set my infolevel and used the ProjectionPlot command, is there any way to force Maple to display the information using exact values, instead of decimal approximations? See the attached file for the additional information.


infolevel[Student[LinearAlgebra]] := 1:

ProjectionPlot(`<,>`(-2, 3, 2), `<,>`(7, -3, -4))




How would you transform a 3D plot structure into a 2D plot structure? I have in mind 1) creating a 3D plot with odeplot or with plot3d, 2) selecting (say) 4 orientations, 3) transforming each into a 2D plot, 4) exporting the 2D plots using the Standard GUI.

The reason behind my question is that the best-looking exported plots that I have been able to obtain with Maple are 2D plots exported as postscript with the Standard GUI. 3D plots don't look nearly as good when...

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