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How do I use characters in a file using the "read" statement?

Example: The following function code is written in a textfile test.mpl.

end proc:

I read the file with

> read("test.mpl");
> test()


The Letter "ü" appears like "�".

If the comand is input direct in the document mode it appears correct:




I have a module with quite a few procedures and it is getting too long and complex. Basicially I write each procedure in a seperate document, them copy and paste it into the module. I want to improve matters as save each proc and read it in to the module

e.g.  Qdim:=proc(A,B).........end proc

        save Qdim , "Qdim.?"   have tried .txt ,.mla , .m  They save fine.

in the module have tried

read "Qdim.txt" etc.   I have included Qdim in export but Qdim doesnt work Qdim(A,B) returns Qdim(A,B)

read "C:\Users\Ronan\Documents\MAPLE\Rational Trinonometry\Qdim.m";

which procuces an error

Error, (in unknown) could not open `C:UsersRonanDocumentsMAPLERational TrinonometryQdim.m` for reading


Hi Maple friends,

I am trying to run a script I have written in Maple 2016 directly from my Terminal on my MacAir. I have OSSierra 10.12.1 and Maple 2016.

My script needs to read a file in and then run, whilst writing to some files on the way. I need this, since I want my script to be run on a large computer on my institute, where I have no interface/Maple open and has to access data on the way.

So, I go to Terminal, and stand in the directory of where the file/scrips is (lets call it terminal_test.mpl OR terminal_test.txt) and then write:

./maple terminal_test.mpl

and get back

No such file or directory 

I also get this if I use .txt file AND if I write "Maple 2016" instead of ./maple. I have tried to write 

open "Maple 2016" terminal_test.mpl 

and then Maple opens in the right file, but does not run it. This is just to show, that my terminal can find the program. But this is not what I want. As I said, I would like it to:

start running a script from Terminal - read a file to be used in the script - on the way, write to 6-8 different files, that I can then access whilst the script is running. So my questions are: 

  1. How do I run the script/file in the first place, and am I in the right place?
  2. Where do I place the files to be read during the running of the script (Reading to script works fine already, so it should work also if I can just run the script/file)?
  3. Where do the files I create in my script end, so I can access them?

Thank you so much for any answer - I have not been able to find anything on the net so far that could help me, but I know you guys are really good on this.



Hello everyone!

Could somebody help me with reading data from Huge txt-file? My file contains matrix with 10 columns and 10^6 rows. Datatype is float[8].

I use "ImportMatrix" comand to obtain data from file, but it is rather slow ~ 33 sec.

is there an efficient way to read file directly using Maple? Or I should use C-dll to read file faster?

I have been using Maple for many years and have created many Maple procedures for my own use in different projects. My usual practice is to place the procedures in a .txt file using WordPad or NotePad on my Windows machines. Then to load, for example, a file named C:\Users\Ed\Desktop\Top Quandles\Procedures.txt I use the command 

read("C:\\Users\\Ed\\Desktop\\Top Quandles\\Procedures.txt");
read("C:/Users/Ed/Desktop/Top Quandles/Procedures.txt");

Or I can leave the path off if the file is in the same folder as my worksheet.

This has always worked well for me. But have two questions:

1. Is there is a better way to save and load a bunch of procedures? Also I might mention that I frequently have to go into the file and change procedures or add new procedures, data, etc...

2. Recently I had occasion to send a worksheet and a txt file to a Mac user. We were not able to get the worksheet I sent him to read the .txt file on his Mac. Any suggestions on how to do that on a Mac? We tried putting them both in the same folder and just using a simple read("Procedures.txt"); command but the Mac didn't like that.

Any suggestions about either of these two issues would be appreciated.




I have this maple program, let's call it I need to import the data produced in to another file, and use it there, how do I go about this? Also how can I export the result produced in to a different file (not necessarily a maple file). I am not sure about the right time to use, but maybe the question is, how do I get data from to use in, and then produce the result from in another file?




I'm trying to view the source of the webpage

I used HTTP[Get] like I did before which doesn't retrieve much of anything useful.  I thought of the sockets package which I can't seem to pull any information from.  Then I had an idea and viewed the page source which finally has information I can use if I can get Maple to read it in.  If I can get Maple to pull in the contents of the page source I should at least be able to carry it from there. 

Any ideas from anyone?

hello everyone, 

To illustrate my question I will get Bob and Alice 

Suppose Bob and Alice work separately on the same subject and must share some information.
They decide to exchange information among themselves by using .m files (Maple internal format files).


1) Bob performs the first serie of calculus which ends by some "result". 
This result is the information Bob must send to Alice for her doing her part of the job.
Bob assigns this result to a variable named MyVar and saves it in a .m file :

MyVar := ... :
save  MyVar   "/.../MyFile.m"

Then Bob indicates to Alice the complete path to MyFile.m ... but forgets to say her the name of the variable he has saved.


2) Alice reads the file MyFile.m (read "/.../MyFile.m") .... 
Of course, if Alice knew the name of the variable Bob used in his "save" command, it would be the simplest thing in the World for her to browse the content of the .m file (eval(MyVar) generally works well).

But I assumed it is not the case, so my question :

Can Alice recover the name of the variable and visualize it ? 

Any answer will be greatly appreciated

postscript : it is not the first time I find myself in the situation Alice faces here. Often I have to recover the content of .m files written years ago by people who have changed their core business without having properly documented (like Bob) what these files contain

Hi guys,

I'm doing some heavy analytical calculations, as the calculations take hours to finish, I want to save the results, which is easily done, however when I load the saved results, it behaves differently, somehow I can no longer substitute the variables. I extracted the main problem into the following minimal working example.

Thanks for any useful insight,

Cheers, Sören


assume(`in`(n, real))

x := n+1



subs(n = 1, x)



save x, "./myfunction.m";

read "./myfunction.m";




Now we can't substitute n in x:

subs(n = 1, x)



subs(n = 1, n+1)



y := x:


Dear All

I have third party Maple package saved along path E:/Maple work/General Maple Workout/TWS.mpl, but after using march command for other package, Maple is reporting error like "unable to read; E:/Maple work/General Maple Workout/TWS.mpl". What could be possible reason for this?

Moreover when I type "currentdir()" it shows me "C:\WINDOWS\system32" which is right path from where Maple is working


Variable exists but is not shown when using save/read with extension .m

My example maple code is



save a, "test1.m"


read "test1.m"



after the read command, I can access the variable, but it is not shown under "Variables".

This lead to some confusion when debugging the worksheet. Can I change this somehow?

Using the input type file format is not a solution, since then reading takes forever for complicated expressions.

Further, in the read command documentation it says "This functionality is not intended for end users" for saving the file as .m. What does that mean?

I got a code file and i dont know how to load it in Linux. In Windows i just type:

read "E:/code.txt"

But thing now i change to use Linux and cant do the same (Maple 2015 64bit Linux ver), try to load

read "/root/Desktop/code.txt"

It show me that:

I click Cancel and it show me:

Hope can help me another ways to use and load my code to run.

I can read a .m file written using "save" command, However the variable list (pallete) doesn't get updated. Is there any way to see the list of variables and their values that has been read with "read" command from the .m file?



  I have a complicated task. Suppose there is a file, its content is


A    3
0.8 0.2

0.6 0.3

0.5 0.4
A   3

0.8 0.2

0.6 0.3

0.5 0.4



  I want to read the file for each line, and store the content in each variable, e.g. "S" and 3 for two different variables, respectively. 

By using 





For N2, it does not work "Error, incorrect syntax in parse: unexpected number (near 6-th character of parsed string)"


How to read such a file properly including varies of content? Thanks a lot!



Suppose I have a file, test.txt, which the content is


2 0.0 0.0 0.0
1 0.0 0.0 1.6


I would like to save 





However, if I use readdata("...",4), seems it do not work.


Is there any flexible command in maple can readfile with different column? Thank you very much!

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