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I would like to determine a closed form solution (=analytical solution) of the following trigonometric equations system.

The unknowns are :

ListAllUnknowns := [Psi(t), Theta[1](t), Theta[2](t), x[1](t), x[2](t), z[1](t), z[2](t)]

Do you have ideas so as to conduct the symbolic resolution of this trigonometric equations system ?

I have been told that the use of Grobner basis could be useful but I have never try this.

Thanks a lot for yours feedbacks.

The font size in the output pane of the standard interface, interactive debugger is really, really small and I can't figure out how to increase it. (Other than drop my screen resolution from its native 2560x1440, which makes it bigger but "fuzzier" - not a huge improvement for tired eyes!!)

I would like to know how to verify
y=x e5x cos(2x)
is a solution to the differential equation
y(4) -20 y”’+158 y”-580y’+841y=0

Hi every one.

I want to export some plots from maple as images in ".jpg" or ".png" formats. I was wondering that is there a way to specify the resolution of the exported pictures? I need high quality pics.

HI, dear all. When I tried to use the plot option 'adaptive' to make my plot more smooth and realistic, I encountered the following erro. I cannot understand why. From the help guide, I learn that adaptive can be assigned n or true or false, but errors appeared.  Thanks for your help.


> implicitplot(-x^3+3*x+a = 0, a = -3 .. 3, x = -4.0 .. 4.0, view = [-3 .. 3, -4 .. 4], adaptive = 2, resolution = 1000, numpoints = 2000);
Error, (in plot/options2d) unexpected option: adaptive = 2
> help("adaptive");

Hi I have a problem with the resolution of an equation. When I tried to solve it it returns "solutions may have been lost"... Here is the problem:

> x:=rand()/10^12;

x := ------------

> X:=RandomVariable(Gamma(2,4));

X := _R

> XL:=RandomVariable(ChiSquare(3));

Hello, I export a plot in an eps format (since other formats have lower resolutions) and want to insert it into Word 2007.

But, everytime when I do this, the Word 2007 will respond error occurred while importing the file.

Could anyone help me to resolve this problem? 

Thank you very much.

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