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Let us consider the help to RectangleWindow SignalProcessing-RectangleWindow.pdf
Let us execute the example, taking N:=4 (in order to display the outputs).

N := 4;
a := GenerateUniform(N, -1, 1);
         Matrix(1, 4, [[.396167882718146, -.826878267806025, -0.908376742154361e-2, .324899681378156]])         
         Vector[row](4, [.396167882718146, -.826878267806025, -0.908376742154361e-2, .324899681378156])      
c := Array(1 .. N, 'datatype' = 'float'[8], 'order' = 'C_order'):
RectangleWindow(Array(1 .. N, 'fill' = 1, 'datatype' = 'float'[8], 'order' = 'C_order'), 'container' = c);
              Vector[row](4, [1., 1., 1., 1.])
u := `~`[log](FFT(c)):
plots:-display(Array([plots:-listplot(Re(u)), plots:-listplot(Im(u))]));

We see an uncommented code which (intentionally or unintentionally) produces two empty plots.
The questions arise:

  • What is the aim of the RectangleWindow command which does nothing 
    but the conversion of a Matrix(1,N,...) /Array(1..N,...) to a Vector[row](N,...)? 
  • Could such help be called friendly to Maple users?

There are many questions to Maplesoft and there are no answers from them: strategic silence.


Dear All,

I am working on ODEs and have obtained the plot for "variable vs time". I would like to know if it is possible and how to analyze those data in the frequency

Thank you.

Very kind wishes,

Wang Zhe

Hi everyone!

I have a question: what is the simpliest way to generate colorbar for spectrogram?

Now I use "valuesplit" to assign dependece "z"-value from color.

My programm. My test file: "Signal.txt".


P.S. I use Maple 2016.

The DFT windowing functions in the SignalProcessing package seem to be inconsistent in the type of data they will accept, and the type they return.

BartlettHannWindow,  BlackmanHarrisWindow, BlackmanNuttallWindow,   BohmanWindow, CauchyWindow, CosineWindow, ExponentialWindow, FlatTopWindow,  GaussianWindow, HannPoissonWindow, ParzenWindow, PoissonWindow,  RectangleWindow, ReiszWindow, RiemannWindow, TaperedCosineWindow, TriangleWindow, TukeyWindow

accept Arrays, containing almost any data type (haven't tried them all!) as input. and always return a Vector[row].


BartlettWindow, BlackmanWindow, HammingWindow, HannWindow, KaiserWindow

require that the option datatype=float[8] be set in the Array() constructor, which is used as input and always return an hfarray.

Thus, for example

sig:= Array( -50..50,
BartlettHannWindow(sig); # this works
BartlettWindow(sig);# this fails with datatype unsupported error

Very confusing!!!!

I am trying to apply window functions from the SignalProcessing package to arrays. However, some window functions (e.g. Hann) appear to operate on a [0..N-1] index basis, others (e.g. Welch) work on [1..N].

I don't know how to make the latter ones work correctly, since after applying the windowing function the first entry in the array is not zero, as it should be.

Best regards

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