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I have some points that i have plotted thanks to the function pointplot.

Is it possible to add tags next the points (like it is possible in Excel) ?

Of course, I have a vector with the definition of the contents of the tags that I would like to add.


Thanks a lot for your help

Most of the tags in this question example are rediculous "the, you, is, and, help, how," etc... .  I tried editing them but I cannot save tags to remove junk tags.  Above all, the most important tag to the question Poincare is not there.  This specific issue is for the recent question



I'd like to suggest another improvement to cut down on noise in the result of a Mapleprimes Search.

At present, the appearance of a searched keyword in summary pages for tag hits causes those summary pages to be included in the search results. Maybe an example would help explain it:

Do an internal Mapleprimes Search for the word convex. Some of the pages with "convex" in their title are included in the results (which is fine). But some of the...

It looks like the "Popular Tags" section of the right pane is not being updated. It appears to have stayed the same for a long while, even though lots of tags not mentioned in that subset have been getting a lot of activity.

I have just published a new update to MaplePrimes. This fixes a number of issues and ads a couple of new features.

  • Autocompletion of tags now works. When you are typing a tag in, a list of possible completions appears, you can click or arrow down to select one of these tags.
  • We have added a new Products list. This shows all Maplesoft products that have Posts or Questions associated with them. This link has been added to the top bar, the Tags link has been moved to the "More" drop down. 
  • The ordering on the Recent pages has been fixed to sort by last action date descending.
  • You can now view tags such as 2Dmath
  • Paging has been fixed for many sections of the site including the tag details page
  • If you choose to upload files when editing an item, the new file will now work correctly.
  • If you choose to convert your Comment into an Answer, you now have the ability to choose the correct parent for that comment.

I suggest that the suggestions for tags that are currently listed be turned off.  This is because they are generally really bad and off-topic (and probably swallow all sorts of CPU time needlessly...).  I much prefer the auto-complete feature in *Overflow for tags (as well as a good list of common ones).

And why does it always suggest to me the tag academic?

It's now possible to get a list of all posts with a given tag. Simply click on that tag from the tags page.

And we can use the Search box at that page.

But how can we do "advanced" searches, for combinations of tags built up with not/and/or, etc?

Sorry, if it's obvious.

When trying to access beyond the first page of results for a given tag I get a 404 page-not-found error.

If I click on most any of the tags listed at, I see a list of relevant posts. That is great. But it gets me a 404 missing error, if I click on the name of a tag that starts with a numeral.

How about allowing members to add tags to others' posts/questions?

It could be done without too much risk of vandalism. It could require a certain reputation to be enabled. Or it could allow only addition of tags and not removal. Or it could allow adding tags only from the preexisting tag list (or, getting fancy, the full list from a few days earlier).

There is a huge volume of very nice old posts buried in this site. Without tags, it will be much harder to...

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