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I have to find the tangent lines to the circle x^2+y^2+6*x-8*y+25 = 1/16 which pass at the O(0;0) 

So i make a general line y=m * x

Ho can i put m*x instead of y in the circle and calculate the delta of the equation that i get?


The question explores the family of differential equations dy/dx = sqrt(1+(a*x)+(2*y)) for various values of the parameter a.

This figure shows the tangent field in the case a=1.

sketch a tangent field in the case a=-2.

need the following diagram on maple:


A family of curves has polar equation r=cos^n (theta/n), 0<=theta,n*pi, where n is a positive even integer.

Previously Using t = theta as the parameter and finding  a parametric form of the equation of the family of curves it was shown that 

dy/dx = (sin(t)sin(t/n)-cos(t)cos(t/n)) /( sin(t)cos(t/n)+cos(t)sin(t/n)).

Is it possible to show on Maple with a program that there are n+1 points where the tangent to the curve is paralell to the y axis?

How to get tangent angle between two curves? 

example for these : f(x)=((x^4+5)^(1/2))/(sinx+5) and g(x)=cosx^2   ; x>0

thanks :)

@Carl Love 

i guess that it is this.

actually my goal is 


 tangent vector field on even-dimensional n-spheres

can vector field plot do this too?

if start from draw vector field on a sphere


i find that intersectplot under plot, 

is it possible for fieldplot has this


such as the graph in wiki


Write a Maple procedure which takes any cubic polynomial [−3, 3] p −→ R and returns the following:

How i can plot of p and its tangent lines illustrating the nature of each critical point.

Demonstrate this in the instance that p(x) = 1/3 x^ 3 − 6/10 x^ 2 − 187/100 x + 1.


Any ideas how i can solve this?

From a Maple Primes answer two years ago:

f(x,y) is the equation of a line through point [m,n]. The solve command finds values of a and b for which f(x,y) are lines through [m,n] and tangent to x^2 + y^2 = r^2.

f := proc (x, y) options operator, arrow; a*(x-m)+b*(y-n) end proc

solve([f(0, 0) = r, a^2+b^2 = 1], [a, b])

These commands are far from the conventional solution. Why do they provide the correct answers?

As a very good application for viewing and calculation of the components of acceleration either tangential or normal. Besides immediately it is shown an Application for physics.


(in spanish)

L. Araujo C.



Hi, I am stumped I've tried many ways but end up getting a graph with nothing on it or errors. I am trying to plot the tangent line to the equation f(x) = 2cosx-x^2 at x = 2; In addition, how would I plot the tangent line and the equation on one graph with distinctive line pattern for example, one being blue and dotted, while the other being red solid).


Thanks in advance!

Dear All,

I solve an equation  as follows,

m:=dsolve({T(0) = 300, diff(T(t), t) = (min(G1, G2)-Loss)*(1/35513)}, T(t), numeric)

G1,G2, and Loss are functions of T and G1 and Loss are tangent at point A where T=600, when I want to plot the dsolve solution by odeplot,like this

odeplot(m, [t, T(t)], 0 .. 800)]

I got a curve whose maximum value  is  600( equal to the tangent value) and actually the value should increase after passing the tangent point, Who can tell me where is the problem. Thanks.

I need to make two graphs.  1st take the equation y= ln3x+3 and graph it and it's derivative.  Then find the equation of the tangent line and the normal line to the given function at x=e   Then I need to create a single graph containing the function, the tangent line, and it's normal line.  Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated.  I can graph the equation and it's derivative ok but I don't know how to make a graph with multiple stuff on it.  Thanks

How to find the equation of the tangent line to f(x)=6x/squareroot(x^2+12) at the point (2,3) ?

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