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infinity symbol looks like an  "8" lying down.


How to use Maple to plot  the  infinity( lay flat  "8") symbol at 12 o'clock position of a circle

How to put number 1,2,3...12  around a circle, like a clock face using Maple code ?

Right now I can only do this manually by plotting a circle, then save the file and use Windos paint to

mannual put in the numbers

I'm trying to insert $(x_0,y_0)$ into a Maple plot (that's how LaTeX would be written). I want to do this with a Maple command rather than creating the plot then hand-tailoring with mouse clicks. This is what I've tried without success:

p1:=plot(sin, -Pi..Pi,-1..1):



For *something* I've tried such as




where try is something like (x[0],y[0]) and [(x[0],y[0])] and similar forms.

No joy! Any help appreciated.

Is there a help page which explains why braces provide the partial text evaluation in this code?

RopeLen := 30;RopeAddLen := .5;

plots[textplot]([1, 1, typeset("%1", (({(1/2)*RopeLen}+{(1/2)*RopeAddLen})^2-{(1/2)*RopeLen}^2)^(1/2))])

Here is a plot in table format of the standard Times, Helvetica, and SYMBOL fonts. This plot provides a reference table that can be used to find the character codes to plot any one-byte character that can be plotted, which is especially useful for the SYMBOL characters and character codes 128-255 in the standard fonts. These characters are available for plotting in both the Standard and Classic GUIs.

All characters are aligned to be immediately above and immediately...

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